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    Deep Asset Visibility


    Don’t settle for incomplete asset visibility just because others say it’s complex or time-consuming. The Axonius Platform gives you answers and enables you to take action. The Axonius Assets Page is the centralized hub to see all asset types and infrastructure components in one location. It introduces new and expanded asset types, enabling clear categorization and understanding of assets, their relationships, and dependencies. It streamlines workflows so you can reduce risks.

    Deconflict Data Sources

    Most organizations piece together various technologies to gain an understanding of all assets and their security states — but that creates visibility gaps. Axonius aggregates data from hundreds of adapter integrations and other data sources that are then normalized, deduplicated, and correlated to create a credible, comprehensive asset inventory.

    Reconcile CMDB Records

    CMDBs get stale — quickly. They are often only populated by one or two discovery sources, rendering the data incomplete or unreliable. The Axonius Platform identifies gaps that otherwise wouldn’t be visible in a CMDB. Axonius complements CMDB discovery tools with correlated data from multiple sources to create rich, accurate CMDB records. Devices can be found regardless of whether they’re online or the last time they were used. By integrating with network infrastructure to identify unmanaged IoT, OT, or ephemeral devices, Axonius makes it possible to account for these devices.

    Augment Device Scans

    Axonius tells you how an asset is currently configured instead of relying on data reported in the last scan. The platform supplements scan data with other sources — such as EDR/EPP and network-based solutions. Axonius enables you to find vulnerabilities outside of scan cycles by correlating installed software across vulnerability databases.

    Find Rogue Devices

    Unmanaged and agentless rogue devices are hard to find, yet pose security risks. Axonius can see where your agents can’t. Agents are seldom installed on every device — or even subnet. By connecting to multiple data sources, including network and other infrastructure levels, Axonius can see assets that have never been managed by an agent. The platform sees where agents are deployed, where they’re missing, and when they’re malfunctioning. When agents are too big to deploy — such as on legacy servers, medical or OT devices — Axonius connects to routers, switches, firewalls, and more to assess the configuration.


    What is Device Discovery?

    Device discovery is the process of scanning a network to discover devices such as routers, switches, printers, workstations, servers, and mobile devices.

    Why is Device Discovery important?

    Device Discovery is important because unknown and/or unmanaged devices on a network introduce significant risk by increasing the cyber attack surface of an organization.

    What is Comprehensive Device Discovery?

    Comprehensive device discovery is the ability to fetch data continuously from any source that knows about devices at any cadence. Comprehensive device discovery aggregates, correlates, and normalizes data from multiple sources.

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