Comprehensive device discovery.

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    What is Comprehensive Device Discovery?

    Comprehensive device discovery is the ability to fetch data continuously from any source that knows about devices at any cadence.


    Unreliable CMDBs

    CMDBs are often only populated by one or two discovery sources, rendering the data incomplete or unreliable.

    device scanning

    Periodic Scanning

    Device discovery through scanning technologies requires machines to be turned on and available — and even then, scanning is often limited to weekly or monthly cycles.


    Agent Overload

    Agents can only be deployed on known devices, meaning visibility is only as good as where agents are deployed. And with so many agents already installed on a device, who wants to deploy more of them?

    Comprehensive Discovery Requires Several Data Sources

    Relying solely on one or two device discovery technologies leads to incomplete and unreliable data. Axonius aggregates, correlates, and normalizes data from numerous sources to deliver comprehensive device discovery.

    Gartner Hype Cycle: CAASM

    CAASM is on the rise, says Gartner — but what exactly does this mean? Read the report to find out.

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