Understand Your Assets. Improve Incident Response.

    Identify gaps in your security coverage and instantly map them to potentially affected systems and users.

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    Better Data to Improve Incident Investigations

    Following the digital breadcrumbs to investigate cyber incidents used to be tricky — but those days are over. In just minutes, Axonius provides a comprehensive view into all assets, uncovers associated vulnerabilities, and expedites forensic investigations.

    technology overload

    Technology Overload

    Organizations rely on dozens of technologies, all of which could be affected during a cyber incident. However, incident response teams are hampered by lack of orchestration and normalized data outputs from these un-integrated tools, slowing investigation speed and increasing the mean time to recovery.

    Finding Compromised Assets

    Finding Compromised Assets

    Pouring through mountains of data from disparate technologies takes too much time and manual effort. Incident responders struggle to find the needles in the haystack — assets that have been compromised.


    No Single Source of Visibility

    Organizations are often challenged by siloed teams with different access to tools and their resident data. Lack of cross-technology data in one place slows decision making and the ability to respond in a timely fashion.

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