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    Gain Insight

    Better Data to Improve Incident Response Investigations

    Following the digital breadcrumbs to investigate cyber incidents used to be tricky — not anymore. Axonius Asset Investigation allows you to dig into individual assets and groups of assets to reveal current and past security state, changes and trends, and any new vulnerabilities that will affect your asset hygiene.

    Axonius for Incident Response

    Incident responders have no shortage of data at their disposal — but it’s hard to know which sources to trust and how to access them all efficiently. Axonius correlates data from numerous sources, accelerating incident response by providing a single source of truth for any asset.

    Expedite Incident Response Investigations

    Axonius provides visibility into all assets and asset relationships. It tracks changes to access permissions, maps vulnerabilities to users and devices, and gives security and incident response teams the ability to easily understand and manage risk — reducing the cyber attack surface.

    Quickly Remediate Security Vulnerabilities

    With the most comprehensive view of the asset environment, the Axonius Platform lets incident response teams conduct in-depth queries and unearth problems before they become threats. Use Axonius to track asset vulnerabilities, automate enforcement actions, and instantly remediate software, hardware, and user vulnerabilities.

    Track Trends and Set Baselines

    It’s not enough to know how an asset — or fleet of assets — is configured in its current state, or which vulnerabilities are currently trending. The Axonius Platform helps incident response teams investigate older, unresolved incidents and persistent vulnerabilities using historical trend data. Teams can see how they’ve changed over time, and use the Enforcement Center to automatically resolve incidents or report issues.


    See the Platform

    See the Axonius Platform for yourself with an interactive product tour, where we'll guide you through key applications of our Cybersecurity Asset Management and SaaS Management solutions.

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    Request a demo to learn how the Axonius Platform provides a system of record for all digital infrastructure helping IT and security teams manage an always-expanding sprawl of devices, users, software, SaaS applications, cloud services, and the tools used to manage and secure them.