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    Control SaaS Licensing and Spend.

    Complete visibility, centralized SaaS app cost analysis, and renewal and licensing management are essential to reign in SaaS spend.

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    Out of Control SaaS Spend

    As more workforces shift to remote and hybrid models, spend on SaaS apps has skyrocketed, driving the need to control licensing management and gain better visibility into spend.

    shadow SaaS

    Shadow SaaS

    When employees procure SaaS applications without IT’s knowledge, the number of SaaS applications in the organization increases. This adds to SaaS spend.

    SaaS apps

    Redundant Apps

    With scores of SaaS applications in use, it’s common for companies to have multiple SaaS applications delivering the same functionality. Procuring SaaS applications without an up-to-date inventory of the SaaS stack increases SaaS spend.

    Extraneous User Licenses

    Extraneous User Licenses

    Lack of proper SaaS user license monitoring fuels unnecessary spending. With SaaS applications often charging per user account, underused or duplicate SaaS licenses result in extraneous costs.

    How Axonius Solves SaaS Licensing and Spend

    Axonius SaaS Management provides centralized SaaS apps cost analysis and licensing management, helping finance and business operations teams reduce costs by rightsizing SaaS licenses and redundant applications.

    Navigate SaaS Complexity

    Learn how to solve key SaaS challenges using a modern, comprehensive approach to SaaS management.

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