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    Out of Control SaaS Spend

    Staying On Top of SaaS Costs and Licensing

    If your organization spends more than it should on SaaS apps, you’re not alone. As more companies shift to remote and hybrid work, spend on SaaS apps skyrockets — driving the need for licensing management and better visibility into spend. Visibility across shadow SaaS, redundant apps, extraneous user licenses, and orphaned and inactive user accounts is critical for effective SaaS cost management.

    Axonius for SaaS licensing and spend

    Axonius SaaS Management provides centralized SaaS app utilization, licensing, and cost analysis — helping finance and business operations teams reduce costs, rightsize licenses, and remove redundant apps.

    Obtain Full Visibility Into Unnecessary Apps

    Axonius SaaS Management discovers and segments all SaaS apps across the organization to identify redundant apps.

    Identify Shadow Apps and Users

    Axonius SaaS Management provides a comprehensive, credible SaaS inventory, including all SaaS apps previously unknown to finance or business operations teams.

    Rightsize Licensing and App Utilization

    Obtain an extensive view into extraneous spending on existing unused licenses or inactive users with Axonius.

    Streamline SaaS Renewals

    Axonius helps inform and manage SaaS renewals with alerts and license utilization insights.


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