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    Manage SaaS Security.

    Today’s SaaS applications feature countless configuration settings that can introduce security gaps and risk. Manage SaaS security with a credible SaaS inventory that provides a comprehensive view into misconfigurations and data security risks.

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    SaaS Security Risks

    By nature, SaaS apps are immensely interconnected and complex, making them difficult to secure.


    Securing Sensitive Data

    Security teams are often left in the dark, with little to no understanding of the type of data being sent out to other services and the relative level of risk associated with certain SaaS apps.


    Minimizing SaaS Misconfigurations

    Just one SaaS application may have hundreds of configurations that affect the security of your data and users. Managing settings and misconfigurations across hundreds of apps is nearly impossible without a streamlined solution.


    Optimizing Identity and Access Management

    Uncovering shadow users and excessive permissions in SaaS applications is a time-consuming initiative.

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    Tracking SaaS Provider Compliance and Security Policies

    Tracking adherence to frameworks and certifications such as SOC2, GDPR, and others is imperative — not only when new SaaS providers are brought on, but as you continue to consume apps from SaaS providers.

    Solving SaaS Security With Axonius SaaS Management

    Axonius uses adapters (API connections to data sources) and proprietary SaaS discovery tools to identify all known and unknown SaaS applications and uncover various security risks, including misconfiguration issues, suspicious or malicious behavior, and user access management.

    Navigate SaaS Complexity

    Learn how to solve key SaaS challenges using a modern, comprehensive approach to SaaS management.

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