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    SaaS Security Risks

    Why is SaaS Security Posture Management a Challenge?

    Maintaining a good SaaS security posture is difficult due to the ever-evolving nature of SaaS apps, the need to align with compliance standards, and the complexities of user behavior and access patterns. Organizations face resource constraints, visibility, and integration challenges when safeguarding sensitive data hosted across the SaaS apps in use.

    Axonius for SaaS Security Posture Management

    By providing a comprehensive inventory of sanctioned, unsanctioned, shadow, and unmanaged apps, third or fourth party extensions, and Oauth tokens, Axonius uncovers various security risks. Using Axonius, organizations can identify misconfiguration issues, suspicious or malicious behavior, compliance adherence, and user access management while providing automation and remediation capabilities to address them.

    Gain Visibility and Address Existing Security Risks

    By providing a comprehensive view of the SaaS apps used across the organization, Axonius makes it easy to manage and mitigate existing threats. An extensive breakdown of existing app settings, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities, is combined with extensive guidance on mitigation steps, and built-in remediation options.

    Mitigate Identity and Access Issues

    Identify SaaS users that access apps outside of sanctioned SSO and authentication mechanisms to improve your organization's security.

    Detect and Investigate Suspicious Behavior

    Axonius offers granular visibility into user behavior within SaaS apps and uncovers any suspicious activity, events, and complex behavioral patterns.

    Assess Compliance Levels

    Axonius SaaS Management offers comprehensive data on how various apps adhere to existing frameworks and certifications, facilitating reporting on business unit compliance and vendor risk.


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