Extensive visibility and credibility enables users to discover software applications, acquire deep insights through device contextualization, identify unwanted and unauthorized software, and initiate remediation workflows.

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    Don’t let limited software visibility impact your IT and security posture. Axonius provides a credible, comprehensive inventory that identifies all your software assets in a single, unified view — on cloud, physical, or virtual devices.

    technology overload

    Software Visibility

    Not every organization employs software management tools.

    When tools are engaged, many aren’t deployed extensively across all devices and technologies, hampering accurate software inventory views. Individual tools are limited by siloed information and only discover software where their agent exists.


    Cost Optimization

    Optimization requires a benchmark — a credible, comprehensive, software inventory from which progress can be measured.

    Without understanding what you have, it’s impossible to negotiate renewals, recapture and redistribute licenses, or anticipate when end of life or end of support applications will endanger your operations.


    Prioritization and Risk

    The inability to identify and prioritize known software vulnerabilities increases risk.

    Unsanctioned (shadow) software or manual HR offboarding results in outstanding permissions, creating security gaps that are hard to identify and mitigate.

    The Importance of Software Management

    Clear, credible, and comprehensive visibility of software applications in an environment are the foundation for any management or security program. Software management helps IT, and security and risk teams, identify software across the technology estate to inform software spend and cost optimization. It identifies unwanted and unauthorized software, exposes security gaps, and reduces risk.

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