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    Comprehensive Software Visibility


    Don’t let limited software visibility impact your IT and security posture. Axonius provides a credible, comprehensive software inventory that identifies all your software assets in a single, unified view — whether they’re deployed on cloud, physical, or virtual devices.

    Software Visibility

    If you don’t track software, you’re not getting a complete view of your assets. Axonius Software Management delivers a credible, comprehensive software inventory — all without deploying more agents or configuring scans. Axonius automatically identifies and inventories software applications to eliminate manual assessments and information silos. Axonius aggregates data from multiple customer-owned security and IT management tools and data sources so your software inventory can be properly managed and secured.

    Cost Optimization

    Most organizations can’t afford to overpay for software — but many do, because they don’t understand usage. Inform software spend and renewal strategies with comprehensive, contextual visibility into software applications. Axonius enables you to track software deployment and know whenever total license counts exceed contracted amounts. Axonius discerns when software is approaching end of support (EOS) or end of life (EOL) to avoid unsupported software. Understanding exactly what software exists and how it's used can help you optimize software spend, prepare for a vendor audit, or better manage licenses by recapturing and redistributing them.

    Risk Reduction

    When it comes to software, what you can’t see or don’t know about can hurt you. Axonius Software Management reveals shadow software — unauthorized, unwanted, or suspicious software such as social media, games, or other platforms. Axonius uncovers software misconfigurations, lax policies, or policies that have fallen out of compliance. Axonius helps investigate and prioritize software based on unique criteria to inform decisions on how your software should be managed, prioritized, and secured.

    Software Compliance

    How do you resolve issues with rogue or even approved software that falls out of compliance? Axonius custom tagging enables users to categorize software applications for easier analyzing, tracking, remediation, and reporting. Initiate remediation workflows so you can notify the proper parties of an issue, or assign an automated task like updating a vulnerability scan, performing patch management, or isolating devices from a network. Respond by creating a ticket/issue with a third-party ITSM or ticketing vendor and track that ticket throughout its lifecycle.

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