Augment Vulnerability Management.

    With Axonius, you can discover, track, prioritize, remediate, and report on all vulnerabilities across all devices in your environment.

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    Identify, Analyze, and Prioritize Vulnerabilities

    Vulnerability management shouldn’t overwhelm you. Axonius identifies vulnerabilities and provides full context — helping you prioritize and expedite patching and remediation processes.

    asset and vulnerability visibility

    Asset and Vulnerability Visibility

    IT asset inventories are time-intensive tasks that are often out-of-date and unreliable. If IT managers don’t know what’s in their inventory, they can’t map known vulnerabilities to it, nor determine how to remediate them.

    remediate vulnerabilities

    Complexity Hinders Prioritization

    With thousands of assets and an endless backlog of vulnerabilities, it’s too complicated to figure out which assets are most at risk and in need of urgent remediation.

    manual remediation

    Manual Remediation Doesn’t Scale

    Vulnerability remediation needs to scale to keep up with an ever-growing IT landscape. Manually identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities, validating vulnerability security policies, and confirming successful outcomes can pose challenges without automation.

    The Value of Vulnerability Management

    Vulnerability management starts with a credible, comprehensive asset inventory. Axonius identifies vulnerabilities and maps them to assets, providing context that helps prioritize their importance based on asset criticality.

    Gartner Hype Cycle: CAASM

    CAASM is on the rise, says Gartner — but what exactly does this mean? Read the report to find out.

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