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Empowering Security Teams with Asset Management Metrics


What if you could ensure your security team always had the critical information and resources needed to effectively manage and secure assets?

The team at Arvest Bank is launching an initiative to accomplish just that. Their Security HealthCards initiative will bolster asset management efforts and help the Arvest team glean context from assets, track progress on key metrics, report this progress to executives, and justify investment in the right areas. It will also help them extract data quickly and easily to report on FDIC compliance and other regulations.

Watch the replay led by Ron Eddings of Axonius and Marvin Agosto Quinones of Arvest Bank to learn:

  • Why asset management matters for cybersecurity in banking
  • How Arvest Bank is using cybersecurity asset management to improve their security posture
  • How Axonius helps security and IT teams control the complexities of their modern environments

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