On-Demand Webinar

Commit to the Cloud:
Navigating Security Challenges during Cloud Migrations


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Looking to commit to a migration strategy this year? As organizations modernize their applications and migrate their growing workloads to the cloud, navigating IT and security risks becomes challenging. Without a comprehensive and contextual understanding of what’s in your environment, starting a cloud migration process becomes even more daunting. 

In this session, AWS cloud experts Niti Kaushik, Senior Engagement Manager and Pratik Chunawala, Senior Cloud Architect and Axonius Director of Cloud Infrastructure Coen Hyde cover common cloud migration challenges and how cybersecurity asset management,  combined with migration services, can help companies move to the cloud confidently and quickly. They’ll discuss: 

  • Mitigating vulnerabilities when migrating sensitive data
  • Eliminating blind spots
  • Tracking cloud consumption and spending

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