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    Cybersecurity Asset Management for Federal Government.

    Safeguard mission objectives by strengthening IT asset identification and management.


     Asset management  is foundational for complying with federal cybersecurity regulations and guidelines, including Zero Trust, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, CDM, FISMA, and NDAA 889.

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    Complexity is Growing in Federal IT

    Seventy-two percent of IT and security leaders say today's IT landscape is more complex than it was two years ago, a recent survey revealed. The increase in remote work and an uptick in cloud usage make it difficult for federal security teams to find and secure all assets.

    Axonius delivers agencies a real-time cybersecurity asset management platform that unifies data from existing tools to:

    • Unify all assets — including cloud assets and unmanaged IoT devices — without needing to scan networks or install agents
    • Report and track security coverage and compliance for all assets
    • Ensure agency and organization users are enrolled in access management, MFA, and other security platforms
    • Automatically enforce security policies and notify teams when assets fall out of compliance
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    Improve Security Posture With CDM Adoption Federal agencies spend significant resources collecting data to satisfy the CDM Security Capability. CDM mandates that agencies continually monitor hardware and software assets, as well as manage configuration settings and vulnerabilities.

    Axonius is an officially listed CDM tool in the Asset Management category. By connecting to your existing security and IT tools, Axonius discovers managed and unmanaged assets, enabling federal security teams to validate security controls, find vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, and automatically enforce policies.

    Answer the questions asked in CDM HWAM
    2021 Trends in Asset Visibility Seventy-four percent of DoD IT and security leaders say they have a gap between what they can easily see about their end-user devices vs what they would like to see, according to our recent survey. What’s more, organizations with better asset visibility experience up to 50% less incidents.

    Comprehensive asset visibility supports Zero Trust efforts, makes incident response easier, and reduces manual work on your security team. Read more about this and other trends in cybersecurity asset management in our recent research report.

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    See Axonius in Action 

    Axonius cuts through the complexity of the modern cybersecurity lands cape to help healthcare providers answer their most important questions:

    • How many devices do we have?
    • Where do we have security coverage gaps?
    • Are all our VMs and cloud instances secure?

    Which unmanaged devices are connected to privileged networks?

    Axonius connects to your existing agents to answer these and other questions in minutes without pulling your staff from their regular job.

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