Prioritizing Proactive Security:

Making Sense of a Misunderstood Objective

May 29 and May 30 at 2:00PM 


With news around major cyber attacks, data breaches, and zero-day vulnerabilities coming out almost daily, security programs have become reactive. Teams are overwhelmed with alerts and inundated with manual remediation processes — all while having insufficient context of their threat landscape. How can we change that?
Proactive security has been a topic of interest for years, but actually achieving it has been challenging — until now. As we enter 2024, let’s explore what it means to be proactive today. 

Watch the replay with Erik Nost, Senior Analyst at Forrester, and Axonius CISO Lenny Zeltser as they discuss:

  • The concept of proactive security and how it can help security teams
  • The most effective ways to solve the challenges of visibility, prioritization, and remediation
  • How existing solutions can help improve the vendor consolidation strategy



Lenny Zeltser
CISO of Axonius


Erik Nost
Senior Analyst at Forrester

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