Back to the Cyber Future

Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Relies on Today’s Asset Management

Unless you consider yourself skilled in the art of divination, predicting the future is just about impossible.

But if we want to prepare ourselves for the cybersecurity challenges on the horizon and further down the pike, we have to understand the foundational role asset management plays in cybersecurity. And not just how it’s handled now (though that’s certainly essential) — but how the past got us to this point in the first place. 

Once we fully understand where we’re at today, we’ll be able to more accurately predict what hurdles lie around the bend.

“Back to the Cyber Future”, a new suite of resources by Axonius, covers how the past has driven today’s device management, cloud asset management, and IoT device obstacles. It also covers the distinct challenge each area has created for cybersecurity today, and outlines what today’s experiences teach us about the future.

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Ebook Part 1: Device Management

  • How the past has driven today’s device management obstacles
  • The six distinct device management challenges cybersecurity faces today.
  • What the present device management experience teaches us about the future

Ebook Part 2: Cloud Asset Management

  • The evolution of cloud adoption —  from justified skepticism to ubiquity
  • The six distinct cloud asset management challenges cybersecurity faces today.
  • Five immutable lessons about cybersecurity’s future

Ebook Part 3: IoT Devices

  • The history and evolution of connected devices
  • Six fundamental cybersecurity challenges presented by IoT devices
  • What widespread IoT adoption teaches us about the future of cybersecurity

On-Demand Webinar: The Past, Present & Future of Asset Management

Explore how cybersecurity challenges have evolved over time — particularly the tangled web of devices, users, solutions, virtual machines, and more.

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