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Cloud Asset Compliance for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

More and more organizations are moving mission-critical workloads to public cloud infrastructure platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Security and IT teams need to have visibility into their public cloud environments to understand any time an instance or account does not comply with a widely recognized industry benchmark, and that visibility has to adapt to the speed of the cloud.

The Center for Internet Security (CIS) provides best practices for securing public cloud workloads, like AWS. They released the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark, an objective, consensus-based set of guidelines to help organizations assess and improve their security.

Read this white paper to learn about:

  • The importance of cloud asset compliance, particularly for AWS
  • The rules in the categories outlined in the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark 1.2 and why they matter
  • How to ensure that your cloud assets are secured and that you’re adhering to benchmarks like CIS
  • The new Axonius Cloud Asset Compliance for AWS add-on which aggregates and correlates data from customers’ AWS environments to show how each instance and account adheres to the scored rules defined in the CIS Benchmark

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