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    Interview with Lenny Zeltser: Understanding Cybersecurity Asset Management

    In an interview with TAG Cyber, Lenny Zeltser, CISO of Axonius, discusses the importance of cybersecurity asset management. He shares how Axonius is helping to solve the problem, and how the idea behind Axonius is that an organization does not need another source of data about its assets. Instead, organizations need a solution that connects to the data sources they already have to provide a single system of record of all digital infrastructure. 

    Check out the full interview to hear:

    • Lenny’s career path and how he came to be CISO of Axonius
    • How his team uses the Axonius platform to address coverage gaps and increase visibility
    • The reason why Axonius has been able to solve the challenge of asset visibility better than anyone else
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