Discovering, Managing & Securing Ephemeral Devices

A Primer for Cybersecurity Asset Management

Everything from virtual machines and containers, to certain unmanaged devices like cell phones, tablets, and even IoT devices fall within the category of ephemeral devices. 

Though their existence makes much of today’s work simpler, the very nature of these devices equals more challenges and trip-ups for security teams.

To wrap our arms around the unique nature of ephemeral devices, we have to understand what they are, how they’re risky, and why traditional asset management methods just don’t cut it.

Download the ebook,  “Discovering, Managing & Securing Ephemeral Devices: A Primer for Cybersecurity Asset Management”, to learn:

  • What ephemeral devices are, why it can be so difficult to secure them, and what risk they pose to your organization.
  • Why traditional asset management tools and methodologies make discovering ephemeral devices problematic.
  • How using tools and technology built specifically for cybersecurity asset management makes it easier to discover and secure ephemeral devices.

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