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Take Back Control of Your Hybrid Work Environment

Written in partnership with TAG Cyber

The uptick in work-from-home caused a cyber crime surge. Security and IT departments had to wrestle with securing formerly office-based employees in their homes. Even as personal and unmanaged devices were in use, employees were often connecting via insecure channels and/or fluctuating locations, and access rights were given preference over security control.

As the pandemic winds down, businesses have a new challenge: securing hybrid environments where workers are fluctuating between on-site and remote locations, changing devices and geographies on a constant basis.

Download “Take Back Control of Your Hybrid Work Environment”, written by TAG Cyber in partnership with Axonius, to learn:

  • Top security takeaways from the overnight shift to work-from-home
  • The impact hybrid workplaces has on IT and security
  • Why continuous visibility of corporate IT assets and user accounts is essential to managing security risk post-pandemic — and beyond

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