On-Demand Webinar

Let's Talk SaaS:
Controlling SaaS Complexity With Organization Stakeholders


SaaS applications pose undeniable benefits for organizations. Yet, when it comes to security, SaaS creates more complexity. Think: data sprawl, compliance issues, security vulnerabilities, and more. 

This means organizations and security leaders must recognize the issue and align on a company-wide SaaS strategy. But how can you make that happen while ensuring SaaS remains the organization's enabler it’s meant to be at your organization — with no negative impact on its security posture?

Watch the on-demand webinar with renowned SaaS security experts Chris Hughes, CISO  of Aquia, Shawnte Singletary, Deputy Director for the Division of Security and Policy at CMS, and Amir Ofek, CEO of AxoniusX, to learn:

  • The SaaS challenges security, risk, and IT professionals face
  • Why SaaS ownership is so complicated and are their best practices to adopt effective ownership practices
  • How a modern, comprehensive approach to SaaS management helps streamline and improve a company-wide SaaS strategy

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