Robust Enterprise Security Includes SaaS Management

For years, we have promoted the idea of visibility as a cornerstone of enterprise security. Device management is an industry unto itself and helps organizations keep track of their various assets. 

Adversary detection and response hinges on being able to “see” the myriad assets within your organization and wrap protections around them.

The traditional concept of visibility, however, is often rooted in physical assets. When many think of visibility, they think in terms of endpoints, network(s), or the traditional perimeter. Such an approach does little to reflect the make-up of modern enterprises.

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Today’s enterprises are not just endpoints and physical perimeters (and haven’t been for years). They include assets hosted across cloud providers and SaaS and third-party applications, just to name a few. However, security teams are often still in the dark about the various assets their organization has deployed, especially when it comes to SaaS applications.

Download "Robust Enterprise Security Includes SaaS management" to understand:

  • How to mitigate SaaS threats and organizational risks with asset visibility
  • How the latest and most prolific threats to SaaS infrastructures can impact the organization
  • How specific cloud-borne risks, such as shadow SaaS, cannot be handled with traditional, on-premises security approaches
  • How to keep cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications within security policies, allowing the security team the visibility they need to protect an asset

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