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SaaS Governance Best Practices for Cloud Customers

SaaS adoption is rapidly increasing, and it’s not stopping any time soon. 

SaaS models may offer undeniable benefits, but they also present a paradigm shift in the way organizations handle cybersecurity — they introduce a shared responsibility between producers and consumers.

As usage of SaaS-based applications and solutions continues to rise, several areas of traditional organizational cybersecurity must be updated to reflect this new operating model.

The SaaS Governance Best Practices for Cloud Customers is a baseline set of fundamental governance practices for SaaS environments, and outlines risks during all stages of the SaaS lifecycle, including evaluation, adoption, usage, and termination.

In this white paper, you’ll learn: 

  • A baseline set of SaaS governance best practices for protecting data within SaaS environments
  • Specific risks according to the SaaS adoption and usage lifecycles
  • Potential mitigation measures from the SaaS customer’s perspective

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