Unified Visibility Into All Endpoints.

    Axonius delivers a comprehensive inventory of all endpoints — regardless of location and type — helping you understand and manage each device.

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    What Is Endpoint Management?

    Endpoint management is the practice of ensuring devices are configured correctly, protected with necessary security controls, and aligned with IT and security policies.

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    Too Many Agents, Not Enough Visibility

    Companies employ a multitude to manage and secure Mac, Linux, and Windows devices. With so many different agents, it becomes difficult to get unified visibility into all endpoints and how they’re configured.

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    Inability to Find Unmanaged Assets

    Reliance on agent-based technologies alone to manage endpoints often leads to difficulties. Why? Because agents only know about the assets they’re deployed on, and they’re rarely deployed on a critical mass of endpoints.

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    Reporting Silos

    With many different agents used to manage and secure endpoints, it becomes difficult to report on endpoint configuration, OS versions, which policies are applied, and more.

    How Axonius Strengthens Endpoint Management

    Axonius makes managing and securing your endpoints easier by providing a comprehensive, contextualized inventory of them all.

    Gartner Hype Cycle: CAASM

    CAASM is on the rise, says Gartner — but what exactly does this mean? Read the report to find out.

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