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    • 60,000+ employees
    • 1,000+ branch locations
    • Consumer and corporate lending businesses
    Key Challenges

    • Limited asset visibility and context
    • Assets missing from the CMDB
    • Stale CMDB records

    • Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management

    Increasing Security Defenses Through Better Asset Visibility

    Always looking to mature their security program, the VP of Security Innovation evaluated new capabilities. The VP of Security Innovation wasn’t convinced the IT and Security team had a complete understanding of their assets, and therefore there were unknown security gaps and risks.

    This large bank had several integral tools, including a CMDB, endpoint and configuration management, network access control, and vulnerability assessment. The challenge was each of these tools was owned by different teams, so each team had dissimilar views on the technology environment. Moreover, there was no desire to change tools as the bank had stringent processes and risk controls for changes in the technology environment.

    Insights Upon Deploying Axonius

    • Increased security posture through better asset visibility
    • Reduced time triaging incidents
    • More complete and accurate CMDB data
    • Continuous identification of risky devices and users

    Once the VP of Innovation decided to run a proof of concept (POC) of Axonius, the IT and Security team gained immediate insights and a greater understanding of their technology environment. It only took six adapter connections to reveal deployment gaps across their endpoint management and configuration, network access control, and vulnerability assessment solutions. These gaps also meant there were assets missing from the CMDB, as well as missing context for assets known to the CMDB. When assets were known to the CMDB, information was often stale and out of date.

    Expanding Axonius Across Security and IT Service Management

    Security Operations, Incident Response, Threat and Vulnerability Management, and IT Service Management functions now leverage Axonius.

    • Security Operations uses Axonius to continuously identify devices with missing security controls, risky user accents, and a wide array of potentially unmanaged devices, such as ATM machines.
    • Incident Response cuts the time to triage alerts by leveraging correlated, contextualized data in Axonius.
    • Threat and Vulnerability Management prioritizes vulnerabilities based on custom-defined conditions, taking into account asset criticality and compensating security controls.
    • IT Service Management, which identified roughly 10% of assets missing from the CMDB, uses Axonius to continuously enrich CI records with more context and depth of information.
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