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    A Look Back at Our Top Content From 2021

    As we embrace 2022, we wanted to take a moment to look back at some of our most popular content from the previous year. 

    Read on to get a glimpse of our top ebooks, webinars, blog posts, and more. Plus, don’t miss out on watching our latest video. Keep reading!

    1. "Controlling Complexity" Video

    Controlling complexity is top of mind for most IT and security pros. That's because as IT infrastructure becomes more complex, it's driving reduced visibility into assets.  

    And the second law of thermodynamics states that complexity always increases — and this is more true than ever when it comes to cybersecurity.

    What organizations need is a new approach to asset management. We don’t just understand that — we can also help. Learn how in this video.

    2. "From Asset Management to Asset Intelligence: Crossing the CAASM ” Ebook

    2021 marked the advent of a new term: Cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM).

    But why does CAASM actually matter? To help you navigate the new world of CAASM, we wrote an ebook: “From Asset Management to Asset Intelligence: Crossing the CAASM.” Read now to take a deep dive into the history behind CAASM, why it’s a relevant category, and how organizations can realize CAASM’s value. 


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    3. "In Their Own Words: What Security and IT Teams Achieve With Automated Asset Management ” Ebook

    Cybersecurity asset management platforms equip security and IT teams with unrivaled visibility into their organization’s assets. Plus, it helps organizations discover coverage gaps and automatically address assets that don’t adhere to mandated security policies — and much more. 

    But don’t just take my word for it. See what our customers have to say in our ebook "In Their Own Words: What Security and IT Teams Achieve With Automated Asset Management.  Five of our customers share why they chose Axonius and the benefits they reaped.


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    4. “Cybersecurity KPIs: Measuring What Matters” Webinar

    There are scores of metrics when it comes to measuring the efficacy of cybersecurity programs. But where do you start — and how can you gain confidence in the data that informs them? 

    To help answer these questions, our “Cybersecurity KPIs: Measuring What Matters” webinar dives into security metrics challenges, explores how to gain greater confidence in what you’re measuring, and highlights metrics frequently used to track progress across security domains.


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    5. “From Asset Management to Asset Intelligence” Webinar

    Many organizations invest in CMDB, but making sure device data is accurate and up-to-date still remains a challenge. In our recent webinar “From Asset Management to Asset Intelligence” hosts Chris Cochran and Ronald Eddings explore how to solve top CMDB challenges, what’s possible when asset management is solved, and why internal intelligence is just as important to external intelligence when it comes to asset management.


    Replay - Asset Management to Asset Intelligence Webinar

    6. Lionbridge Case Study
    What’s top of mind for most security leaders when transitioning to a new job? For Doug Graham, chief trust officer at Lionbridge, the priority was quickly understanding the environment he was tasked with protecting. 

    In our Lionbridge case study, Graham explained why maintaining an up-to-date asset inventory quickly became an “uphill struggle” for him and how the Axonius platform helped. Read the full case study to learn how Axonius provided “a single source of visibility and a single source of truth” into all assets. 


    7. Avant Case Study

    Rapid organizational growth often brings along operational challenges — especially when it comes to cybersecurity asset management.

    In our Avant case study, security pros Jared Gray and Andrea Youwakim explained how Avant was able to gain radical visibility, centralize and enhance its IT data, and decrease incident response time with Axonius. Read the full case study to learn why Axonius is a crucial piece of Avant’s security posture.



    8. "Adopting a Zero Trust Strategy? Start With Asset Management for Cybersecurity" Blog Post

    Zero Trust is no longer just a marketing buzzword. As cyber threats, business models, and workforce dynamics evolve, applying the principle of least privilege to data access has become a business imperative.

    But if implementing a Zero Trust strategy seems like a daunting process, we’re here to help. 

    This blog post unpacks the steps your organization can follow to implement a Zero Trust strategy, technologies associated with the “never trust, always verify” mantra, and how cybersecurity asset management can help. Read it now to learn why cybersecurity asset management is the first step in your Zero Trust journey.



    9. "How DCU Maximized Asset Visibility With Axonius" Blog Post

    Gaining network asset visibility can be a daunting task — even for the most dedicated security teams, like the one at Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU). 

    Read this blog post to learn why understanding all of their systems quickly became a challenge for the DCU team and how implementing the Axonius platform helped them gain a thorough understanding of their assets and asset data, and enforce security policies.  




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