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    Back to Blog November 17, 2020

    Leveling Up: Succeeding When People Strive for the Best Version of Themselves

    On our monthly all hands call, I often reference an image from Super Mario Brothers. Because for every milestone reached, there’s another, harder challenge just around the corner.


    We know Axonius succeeds when our people constantly strive to become the best version of themselves and achieve their full potential. That’s why I’m incredibly proud to announce several promotions for Axonius employees who are always pushing themselves to the next level. Their contributions are what’s making us the fastest growing cybersecurity company in history.

    Nadav Lev is now SVP of Research and Development. Based in our Tel-Aviv R&D Headquarters, Nadav reports to me. And let me tell you, Nadav is one, if not the, best engineering leaders in the world. 

    Since joining Axonius in 2018, he has continually demonstrated an ability to grow past any challenge, whether it be technical, architectural, or organizational. Nadav also has shown amazing leadership in the growth of his employees and managers to do the same, and I’m extremely proud to share his promotion.

    Another promotion I’m excited to share is for Boston-based Megan Andrews, who is now Vice President of Demand Generation.

    Meg joined Axonius in early 2019 as the first marketing hire by our CMO, Nathan Burke. When I asked why she was deserving of this promotion, Nathan said:

    “Meg is the best demand generation leader in cybersecurity. Starting from scratch, Meg has built a team and process to bring Axonius from an unknown startup to the leader in a new category. We are proud of the leadership she brings to the team.”

    A third Axonius promotion was awarded to Washington, D.C.-based Patrick Kelley, who is now Vice President of Enterprise Sales.

    When I asked SVP of Sales, Joe Hoban, to share a few words about Patrick, he said:

    “Patrick was our first sales hire here at Axonius in early 2019,  and has since proceeded to be not only our largest Sales contributor as measured by revenue but also a significant contributor to other strategic areas of the business.  

    “Patrick's new leadership role will position Axonius to continue its unmatched growth in large enterprise business as well as provide the team he's now leading with significant career growth opportunities. We're proud to have Patrick Kelley as a new member of the Axonius leadership team,” he added.

    Adding to the list of Axonius promotions is Jim Olsen, now Sr. Director of Customer Success. Based in New York City, Jim joined the team mid-2019. According to our CTO and co-founder, Ofri Shur:

    "Jim is a one of a kind Swiss army knife. From creating the API client to establishing a customer success department, Jim has built himself a reputation of being able to do everything.”

    “We value Jim's contribution to the company's product and its culture,” Ofri added.

    Our customer success team is full of rockstar individuals, as evidenced by two additional promotions on that team. Geran Smith, who started in 2019 and is based in California, is now Director of Customer Support, and Chris Phillips of Florida is now Director of Technical Account Management.

    Jim, Geran’s manager, said: 

    Geran has been instrumental in building a customer support organization from the ground up. Geran established a customer support process via Zendesk that provides quality customer service above and beyond customers expectations.  

    “We look forward to his continued level of dedication and commitment in his new position as Director of Customer Support.”

    Jim went on to share some kind words about Chris’ recent promotion:

    “From his initial start date in early 2020, Chris has provided mentorship to team members, exemplary customer service, and deep technological knowledge. In his new position as Director of Technical Account Management, he will be primarily responsible for establishing a more proactive role for how TAM’s interact with customers. 

    “Combining his management experience at Qualys and his customer service will be key to ensuring customers' needs are being met while finding new ways to promote Axonius within the customers' organizations.”

    Other recent notable Axonius promotions include: 

    This list of promotions may sound like a lot, but they just go to show the exemplary individuals we have here at Axonius — along with the immense growth potential we offer our high-performing people.

    Want to join this rocketship? Check out the open roles at Axonius. 

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