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    Looking Back at Our Top Content From 2022

    There were a lot of great stories — and interesting issues — that happened this year. And we all followed along. Before we move onto 2023, here’s a snapshot of the top content in 2022.

    1. Controlling Complexity with Simone Biles 

      IT and cybersecurity are constantly changing. The attack surface, the tech, and the required skill sets are ever-evolving. Complexity is everywhere. 

      We wanted to humanize these challenges in cybersecurity, and tell stories of real-life people overcoming real-life complexity and adversity. So we partnered with Simone Biles — one of the greatest athletes of all-time — for our Controlling Complexity campaign. 

      For Simone Biles, controlling complexity means focusing on what you can control to reach peak performance and have the confidence to take risks. 


    2. A Modern Take on Asset Management 

      Traditional methods of asset management aren't working. Time is critical, and the manual work of finding, managing, and securing assets is tedious and error-prone. 

      Organizations like Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) are emphasizing recommendations for a modern approach to asset management. The recommendations will certainly have a real impact on today’s business and IT ecosystems.

       Lenny Zeltser, CISO at Axonius, looks at the trend toward automated data collection and breaks down the ways that cybersecurity asset management ensures continuous visibility into assets. Plus, Lenny shares the steps to put together an automated asset management approach.  


    3. Why SaaS Is a Priority (Even If You Don’t Know It Yet) 

      SaaS applications are everywhere in a company’s IT environment. But what about the security for SaaS apps? Not a top priority. Seriously, not even a top three priority! 

      IT and cybersecurity teams are very aware of the security risks with SaaS apps, but what’s the best way for teams to approach SaaS management? 

      In this webinar, Chris Cochran, co-founder of Hacker Valley Media and creative director of media at Axonius, and Jerich Beason, CISO at Capital One Commercial Bank and Axonius advisor, dive deep into SaaS security. Chris and Jerich look at SaaS security through the findings from “The Truth About SaaS Security and Why No One Cares … Yet”, study conducted by Savanta for Axonius. They also give their take about the future of SaaS security and a modern approach to SaaS management



    4. Crossing the CAASM: From Asset Management to Asset Intelligence (2nd Edition) 

      Cybersecurity asset attack surface management (CAASM) is now emerging at a time when IT and security professionals are struggling to manage the sprawl of devices, user accounts, cloud services, applications, and software. 

      How do IT and security figure out what’s the best modern CAASM solution?

      In the newly revised second edition of Crossing the CAASM: From Asset Management to Asset Intelligence, check out the six key questions to evaluate a CAASM solution, take a closer look into the business value of CAASM, and more. 


    5. Controlling Complexity with Amy Bream

      Control and complexity is a universal truth that applies to all areas in life. And cybersecurity asset management is certainly one area with complexity. 

      Mitigating threats, navigating risks, and uncovering security gaps means overcoming a lot of adversity while simultaneously operating at peak performance. If a challenge feels too big, break it down to the parts that you can control. That’s what adaptive athlete Amy Bream says, anyway. 

      We partnered with Amy Bream, along with Simone Biles, as part of our Controlling Complexity campaign. Amy Bream certainly knows about complexity — she was born with one leg, grew up to become a kickboxer, and now a CrossFit Games champion.

      The key to her success? Controlling what she can. 


    6. How to Build and Optimize Your Cybersecurity Program 

      The goal of building and optimizing a security program needs to be proactive in every part — people, processes, and technologies. 

      In this blog post, Ron Eddings, co-founder of Hacker Valley Media and creative director of education at Axonius, shares ways to put together and implement an effective cybersecurity program. 


    7. How to Solve SaaS Complexity (The Comprehensive Way) 

      Each SaaS application has its own data flow, potential security risks, and spend. It’s a lot for IT and security pros to manage. 

      Tackling these tasks for hundreds (maybe even thousands!) of SaaS applications across a company. Every day. Now that’s a lot of complexity. 

      For this webinar, we look at how a single comprehensive approach to SaaS management addresses today’s SaaS challenges, the business value, and risk management. 


    8. Controlling Complexity: Adaptation

      In a world that's constantly evolving, the most successful cybersecurity practitioners know they have to adapt to whatever challenges come their way. 

      And the same can be said for Axonius partners Simone Biles and Amy Bream.

      The latest chapter of Controlling Complexity tells two separate stories with the same theme: When faced with enormous complexity, the best not only find a way to adapt to challenges. They also find a way to give back.  


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