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451 Group Report: Axonius looks to help CISOs identify and manage enterprises’ ever-growing asset fleets

Posted by Nathan Burke
on July 15, 2019

If you go to a car dealership and ask “what’s the best car?” there’s a pretty good chance the answer is on the lot. And while we believe that Axonius can help any security or IT team solve asset management challenges, it’s always good to get an opinion from an objective third party.

Global research and advisory firm 451 Research just released a report entitled “Axonius looks to help CISOs identify and manage enterprises’ ever-growing asset fleets.” The report includes a detailed analysis of the growing asset management market and how the Axonius approach can help IT and Security teams today. From the report:

While security teams are rightfully concerned with the increasing sophistication of modern threats, there is also another key area to track: which assets do they need to protect? As enterprises increase deployment across cloud, IoT and other environments, understanding which devices exist becomes difficult. Axonius has seen momentum in addressing this issue.

Fernando Montenegro and Patrick Daly, 451 Research

From the report’s analysis (the 451 Take):

Many in enterprise sales have heard of the ‘vitamin vs. aspirin’ adage: how selling a product a customer needs ends up being much easier than selling a ‘nice to have.’ As environment complexity grew, both in scale and types of systems, attacks also gained more notoriety and potential impact. At the same time, the need to keep a timely and accurate inventory of IT assets moved from ‘a nice to have’ to being critical in supporting security operations. This is the headache that Axonius is aiming to address, with an agentless approach that connects to existing systems, supports automation and is well received by prospects.

Agreed. As our customers have said, asset management is longstanding, critical headache, and we’re happy to be the automated ibuprofen.

You can find the full report here.

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