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9/25 Webinar: Endpoint Protection and Asset Management – Making Sure Everything That Should Be Protected Is Protected.

Posted by Nathan Burke
on September 10, 2019

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It’s a common refrain in cybersecurity: you can only protect what you can see. And while advances in endpoint protection technology have drastically increased the security of devices, organizations still struggle to understand which assets they have and whether they’re properly covered by security solutions.

Knowing What You Know, Not Knowing What You Don’t

Endpoint protection solutions like Carbon Black do an incredible job at protecting all of the endpoints on which they reside, and that’s what customers expect from these solutions. However, they can only protect the endpoints they know about and don’t know about devices where they should be installed but are not.

Think of endpoint protection as a bouncer at a club. They do their best to keep anyone out that shouldn’t be there, and should anyone misbehave, they’ll toss them out. But you wouldn’t blame a bouncer at one club for a fight that happens in a club in another state, right? They don’t even know that club exists, it’s in a different location, and it would be physically impossible to intervene!

Asset Management and Endpoint Protection: The Feedback Loop

Just as it would be ridiculous to blame the bouncer in the above example, you can’t blame an endpoint protection solution for not knowing about new devices or devices missing coverage. That’s where an asset management tool like Axonius comes in. By connecting to over 140 security and management solutions and collecting and correlating asset data, Axonius is able to do exactly 3 things:

  • Give customers a comprehensive asset inventory – From servers to laptops, mobile devices, IoT devices, etc., managed and unmanaged, cloud or on-prem.
  • Uncover security solution coverage gaps – With a full asset inventory taken from the solutions that know about assets as well as the infrastructure itself, Axonius shows where there are gaps in coverage.
  • Automatically validate and enforce security policies – Using the same solutions that supplied the data, Axonius can send instructions to the solutions to take action. These can be actions like: isolating a device, blocking, enriching data, creating a ticket, assigning an alert, and more.

Attend the Webinar to See More

Register here to join our joint webinar on September 25 at 2:00 pm (ET). In this webinar, Ryan Fortress, Tech Alliance Engineer at Carbon Black and Nathan Burke, Chief Marketing Officer at Axonius will discuss how asset management and endpoint protection can combine to show customers:

  • How to identify unmanaged assets that should be protected by EDR solutions
  • How to find managed assets with EDR installed but not active
  • How to continuously monitor assets to ensure proper coverage

See for yourself.

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