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    Axonius Added to the Roster of NASA SEWP-approved Solutions

    With Mondays feeling especially Monday-ish right now, we’re excited to kick off the week with an exciting announcement.

    The Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform is officially available to the U.S. Government in civilian, Department of Defense, and intelligence agencies via NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) V contract!

    “In just a few short months, Axonius has made tremendous progress in supporting the strategic cybersecurity missions of the U.S. Federal Government in civilian, DoD, and intelligence agencies,” said Bobby McLernon, Vice President of Federal Sales, who joined Axonius earlier this year to lead the company’s Federal division.

    “Axonius is working with key partners to understand agencies’ needs, building a team of proven experts, and prioritizing federal certifications and audits. We look forward to building Axonius’ federal program this year and beyond,” McLernon said.

    Today, organizations have more assets in their environments than ever before.

    Now, federal, state, and local governments can use Axonius to get a comprehensive asset inventory.

    We’ll work hand-in-hand with our government partners to uncover security solution coverage gaps. Then, we’ll automatically validate and enforce their unique security policies.

    And because Axonius is an agentless solution, we’ll do all of this virtually. No onsite meetings. No visits to the server room.

    “Since Axonius is agentless, it deploys in hours to gather an always up-to-date inventory of all unique assets, with minimal maintenance required,” said McLernon.

    “Our agentless approach also scales easily for environments of any size and complexity, as opposed to traditional asset discovery tools, which often require multiple deployments to account for all device types,” McLernon added.

    Axonius’ addition to the SEWP GWAC is especially important in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, as many government workers (along with much of the rest of the world) adjust to working remotely.

    With such an influx in telecommuting comes a renewed focus on refreshing and revising security policies. Government agencies are working quickly to adapt and adopt these new and revised procedures, though.

    As SEWP experiences a higher than usual volume of orders (in March alone, it witnessed a 40 percent increase), it’s hitting the gas on turnaround times. It’s speeding up the standard 3-day turnaround time, now turning orders around in just 24 hours when necessary.

    Want to learn more about how Axonius is supporting cybersecurity across the U.S. Government? Download our overview.

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