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    How AppsFlyer Ensures Cybersecurity Policy Compliance

    A uniform, homogenous asset environment would be ideal — but most organizations find reality to be far from that “ideal” state.

    This was the case at mobile attribution and analytics company AppsFlyer. Headquartered in San Francisco with over 1,000 employees, the company works with a long list of noteworthy customers and partners, including Walmart, Nike, HBO, NBC Universal, Google, Facebook, and Salesforce. 

    Thanks to fast growth and the sheer nature of business, AppsFlyer found itself with an environment that was anything but uniform. These inconsistencies made it difficult for the security team to verify that the right solutions were where AppsFlyer needed them to be, and that users had permissions in-line with the organization’s policies.

    “We needed an easy and automated way to have clear visibility into which agents were missing from each device, and a way to know when users had rights that conflicted with our security policies,” explained Guy Flechter, former CISO at AppsFlyer. 

    AppsFlyer connected with the Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management platform to get clear visibility into the deployment of different security solutions, and automate ongoing security policy adherence. Once integrated, AppsFlyer was able to quickly and easily identify which devices didn’t adhere to company policies. 

    “We were able to quickly identify any device that didn’t adhere to our policy and were able to turn on alerts to know any time a device or user fell out of compliance,” Flechter said. “The ability to write highly granular queries and turn them into alerts gives us confidence that we’ll know any time there’s an anomaly that needs attention.”

    Axonius also provides AppsFlyer with enriched vulnerability data for all devices. This deep, contextual information decreases the time it used to take the team to gather more data to investigate incidents, and helps prioritize patching and upgrades.

    Want to learn more about AppsFlyer’s experience using Axonius? Read the full case study.

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