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    Network asset visibility can elude even the most dedicated security teams. 

    Take the Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU) security team for instance. With security asset data being collected and analyzed from multiple and often siloed systems, understanding all of their systems quickly became a challenge for the team. To top it off, the process was slow and tedious.

    “You’d have multiple systems that know something about all your assets, like an antivirus — or at least what you thought was all your assets... It was tough to know whether or not everything was fully protected,” Mike Conroy, assistant manager of information security risk management said.

    This meant the DCU security team:

    • Often uncovered security coverage gaps during routine maintenance
    • Lacked confidence in available data, particularly around security solution coverage

    Strengthening Asset Visibility and Security With Axonius

    The asset visibility problem worsened when the DCU workforce went fully remote in 2020. With many assets now offsite, it became even harder to gain visibility into scattered devices.

    DCU quickly launched the search for an asset management platform that could:

    • Integrate all of their data sources
    • Consolidate that information and make it easily searchable

    So when a DCU team member heard about Axonius on a podcast, the DCU team quickly scheduled a trial.

    The Axonius cybersecurity asset management solution enabled DCU to quickly integrate its IT and security systems and view them in one central, searchable console.

    “Axonius took what we thought we knew about our assets and gave us something a lot closer to the truth. It was able to take separate pieces of data, combine them together to reconcile that data, and really show us where our gaps were.”

    - Mike Conroy, Assistant Manager of Information Security Risk Management, DCU

    Prior to Axonius, DCU was limited by the accuracy of each individual solution. With Axonius, DCU was able to correlate different sources of truth to gain insight into its environment. 

    Today, Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management is vital to DCU’s security environment. It helped DCU:

    • Gain a thorough understanding of their complete asset inventory 
    • Get a full understanding of their asset data
    • Enforce security policies and ensure all assets are covered by security solutions, like endpoint protection and vulnerability management solution
    • Increase the number of protected remote devices by 18%

    Check out the full case study here for a look at how the team at DCU leveraged the Axonius solution and the results they achieved.

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