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    How Mindbody Boosts Network Protection With Axonius

    It's the classic cybersecurity horror movie: something terrible is happening in your environment, but you don't know where — and your flashlight is out of batteries.

    That's the unfortunate reality for many cybersecurity teams. As one CISO put it, "You can have a lot of disparate systems managed by disparate teams, and it can be hard to gain a comprehensive view of what’s on your network and what’s running on your network.”

    As a result, cybersecurity teams face numerous challenges:

    • Unknown data security coverage gaps (that are only revealed after an incident)
    • Lack of historical, comprehensive context into a given asset or user
    • Delayed incident response times
    • Manual resolution workflows
    • And more

    So how can security teams streamline their efforts?

    The answer is deceptively simple: accessible data.

    Why Data?

    Data — specifically, centralized data about everything across the network — is a common thread uniting the challenges listed above. Clear visibility into which IT assets are missing agents, for instance, would reveal coverage gaps.

    Crucially, cybersecurity teams rely on information when responding to an event. Understanding the origins of an incident means digging into the compromised asset, its historical state, its protections, any users associated with it, changes made, and so on.

    That type of digging is typically siloed and manual. Each separate system, from cloud to on-premise, has its own tracking method — and its own blind spots. 

    Without comprehensive data, security teams spend more time searching for context to understand what the incident was than they do actually responding to and resolving it.

    One Cybersecurity Team's Experience

    For teams on the ground, lack of visibility is a major frustration.

    In fact, the team at Mindbody — a global SaaS provider for the health, beauty, and wellness industry — identified one key challenge holding back their cybersecurity efforts:

    Establishing a comprehensive view of what was on their network and what was running on their network to eliminate blind spots in incident response.

    The team knew exactly how to solve that challenge: leverage a data-based aggregator that would consolidate all the information they needed into a single point of view. So the team got to work building a solution that would do just that — and spent over a year with no clear result.

    At that point, data visibility was a critical need. Jason Loomis, CISO at Mindbody, sought external providers that could accomplish their visibility and contextual data goals without requiring a significant internal lift.

    That's when his team discovered the Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform.

    Axonius compiles data across the entire IT environment, including cloud and on-premise, using the network to ensure there are no lingering blind spots. That data provides rich, immediate, searchable context for incident response teams within one central console.

    The Mindbody CISO felt that there was no better solution for his incident response team's needs:

    "The sheer excitement my team feels to have visibility into what's in our environment and to have it all in one location — I can't express how important that is for us."

    Check out the full case study here for a look at how the Mindbody team leveraged the Axonius platform and the results they saw.


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