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    2023 might have been a year filled with a lot of uncertainty and unique challenges, but it was also transformative. CISOs, CIOs, and other IT and security leaders honed in on how they could Control Complexity, continue to address the evolving threat landscape, and better optimize their investments for greater ROI.

    See each of these trends reflected in our top content in 2023. 

    1. Cost Optimization: The Consensus IT and Security Priority 

      In recent years, security and IT teams were flush with cash — but in 2023, economic uncertainty tamped down the financial spigot. For many organizations, budgets in nearly every department — including IT and security — were put under scrutiny. 

      With smaller budgets and less staff, IT and cybersecurity teams were forced to find ways to automate manual, time-consuming, and low-value tasks, and evaluate existing tools and assets to better understand deployment, usage, and value. Our ebook, "Cost Optimization: The Consensus IT and Security Priority" identified the types of cost inefficiencies IT and security professionals face, how to optimize for cost and show ROI, and how a modern, comprehensive approach to cybersecurity asset inventory helps deliver on cost optimization while continuing to protect an organization’s attack surface.

    2. Measuring Cybersecurity: The KPIs That Matter

      A core aspect of moving to a more mature cybersecurity program is formalizing your ability to measure and report cybersecurity performance. However, measuring cybersecurity is not easy. In fact, at times, it can be near impossible. Especially with an ever-expanding attack surface. 

      At the same time, security leaders today are under an immense amount of pressure to demonstrate their value beyond just reducing risk. They also need to demonstrate how their security plans align with the overall goals of their organization, which the right metrics can help achieve. Watch this webinar to learn more about why cybersecurity measurement matters and the specific KPIs to focus on.


    3. Control Complexity: Growth

      No matter if you’re a professional athlete, a cybersecurity practitioner, an employee at a tech startup, or anything in between, there’s one universal truth in life: complexity is inevitable.

      Our new film, Control Complexity™: Growth, starring world champion gymnast Simone Biles, brought together four strangers to explore complexity and growth. After writing letters to their younger selves, the group met to reflect on how even the most difficult complexities in life present an opportunity to grow. Watch the film to hear their stories — and learn why complexity is inevitable, but growth is optional.


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    4. FedScoop's Interview with CISA and Axonius

      Michael Duffy, associate director for the cybersecurity division at CISA and Axonius CEO Dean Sysman joined FedScoop for an interview on what agencies must do, their progress, and recommendations on managing those efforts.

      Duffy discussed the background and significance of BOD-2301. He explained that CISA’s continuous diagnostics and mitigation (CDM) program was established over a decade ago to provide agencies with consistent and cost-effective cybersecurity solutions. Sysman highlighted the evolution of asset management and the tools required to address the modern challenges faced by federal agencies. 


    5. Let's Talk SaaS: Control Complexity™ With Organization Stakeholders

      SaaS applications pose undeniable benefits for organizations. Yet, when it comes to security, SaaS creates more complexity. Think: data sprawl, compliance issues, security vulnerabilities, and more. This means organizations and security leaders must recognize the issue and align on a company-wide SaaS strategy. But how can you make that happen while ensuring SaaS remains the organization's enabler it’s meant to be at your organization — with no negative impact on its security posture?

      Watch the on-demand webinar with renowned SaaS security experts Chris Hughes, CISO  of Aquia, Shawnte Singletary, Deputy Director for the Division of Security and Policy at CMS, and Amir Ofek, CEO of AxoniusX, to learn why SaaS ownership is so complicated and hear best practices on how to adopt effective ownership tactics.


    6. Navigating the IT and Security Resource Paradox: How Organizations are Addressing Real and Perceived Challenges

      Even though we started the year with concerns about how the economy might impact security and IT budgets, we ended it with good news. According to an Axonius survey of 950 IT and security decision makers across the U.S., U.K., and Australia, the majority of teams found themselves heading into Q4 with a fair amount of resources available. How? By taking a proactive approach to cost optimization, identifying inefficiencies, reducing redundancies, and more.

      In our ebook, "Navigating the IT and Security Resource Paradox: How Organizations Are Addressing Real and Perceived Challenges”, we explore how IT and security leaders across the board were able to reduce spend and save headcount amidst predictions of a global recession. We also explore the paradoxes IT and security face when it comes to spend, talent, and emerging technologies.

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