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    What Customers Are Saying About Axonius and a Look Back at Black Hat

    I will be the first to admit that tradeshows are brutal. As a vendor, standing in a booth for 7 hours defending your company’s right to exist is difficult. As an attendee, picking the real solutions from the seemingly duplicate messages is excruciating. But this year at Black Hat was different.

    After winning the RSAC Innovation Sandbox in March, things started to change. People started talking about something as unsexy as asset management because they realized it was a problem that needed solving. Asset management is like the flying car: we’ve been promised it’s on its way, but decades later we’re still on the ground.

    5 months later at Black Hat, two things happened that made me realize how big of a problem asset management is, and just how much security teams wish they could put the problem to bed for good.

    The Pitch-less Elevator

    I was at the Luxor elevator and right before getting on, an attendee was getting out. He noticed my Axonius tee shirt, turned around, and stopped the elevator door from closing.

    “Do you work for Axonius, or is that one of their giveaways?” he asked.

    “Yes, I work at Axonius,” I replied.

    “Oh, awesome. I can’t wait to check out the product at the booth. My security team has been talking about you guys, and I’ve been trying to figure out asset management forever,” he said.

    I swear that actually happened. I may be a marketing guy, but I wouldn’t lie about a conversation in an elevator. Too on the nose.

    Our Best Salesperson

    While I was at the booth, a Black Hat attendee approached and asked what Axonius is all about. I was about to give my answer when I was interrupted by two people pushing me aside. They were two Axonius customers (who will remain nameless), and they wanted to speak up.

    Rather than writing everything they said, I’ll just say that when you have a customer willing to talk to other security professionals in your own tradeshow booth, it’s a beautiful thing.

    Customer Spotlight

    And while I won’t name the customers that spoke on our behalf at the booth, I will point out the newest customer spotlight: Landmark Health.

    Since joining Landmark Health as Director of Information Security in October 2017, Jeffrey Gardner sought to solve difficult challenges around compliance and software license management.

    There has never been a tool that does what Axonius does and I didn’t realize there was a solution to the problem, so we never tried to solve it. Asset management, policy validation, and cyber hygiene are so inconvenient and manual, but so essential…

    …I can conservatively say that we’re 70% better off than we were before now that we have Axonius.

    Jeffrey Gardner
    Director of Information Security
    Landmark Health

    You can read the full case study here: Landmark Health Solves Compliance Challenges and Software License Inconsistencies with Axonius.

    Landmark Health Case Study

    Axonius at Black Hat – In Our Words

    I’ll end with a couple of interviews the Axonius team recorded during Black Hat. First, Axonius CEO and Co-Founder Dean Sysman was interviewed for the DarkReading News Desk. You can find that interview here:

    Finally, SecurityGuyTV recorded a short overview of Axonius and the problem we’re trying to solve:

    To sum it up, it’s an amazing and proud feeling to have customers that want to solve a problem and trust us to help them solve it.

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