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What’s New in Axonius 2.11?

This week, customers were upgraded to the 2.11 version of the Axonius cybersecurity asset management platform. Here are some of the highlights in this release:

New Adapters

There are 18 new adapters in this release, bringing the total to 167 integrations with security and management solutions. 

Updated Adapters

There were multiple enhancements made to existing adapters. Here’s a summary:

Dashboard Updates

We’ve added the ability to reorder custom dashboard panels, a new filter for field segmentation option, and a “fetching data” indication. Have a look:

Enforcement Center Updates

We’ve added new actions like enriching device data with web server information, updating LDAP attributes of users and devices, and adding a Freshservice ticket. We’ve also updated existing actions with new functionality:

Device and User Tables Interface Updates

We’ve made it easier to see details in multi-value fields and changed the enforcement tasks action table to show all tasks executed on a device. 

Administrator Settings Updates

We’ve added new settings for the number of values displayed in multi-value fields and added an optional Private Key Passphrase field in the GUI SSL Settings:

You can find the full release notes here on along with detailed information on how to set up, configure, and use Axonius. 

As always, if you have any questions or feature requests please reach out to your Axonius rep. And if you’re not yet using Axonius, you can always request a demo here.

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