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    What’s New in Axonius 2.8?

    This weekend, we released Axonius version 2.8 to customers. In every release, we want to do 4 things:

    1. Add More Adapters

    We currently have integrations with 139 security and management solutions that know about assets, and we’re always adding more. If a product knows about devices, users, or cloud instances, we want Axonius to be able to pull asset-related data from it to give customers a comprehensive view of everything in their environment.

    2. Make Using Axonius Easier

    We love hearing from customers, especially when they have ideas that can make using the product better, easier, and more efficient.

    For example, a customer reached out on site chat recently and told us that he uses Axonius all the time, and is constantly using our search feature to understand more about a specific IP address. He mentioned that he’d love it if we could enable Google Chrome’s custom search engine feature so that he could search Axonius directly from the Chrome search bar. Our development team was able to make it happen in about a week.

    3. Make Data More Usable

    At its core, Axonius is meant to aggregate information from many different sources, correlate it, and show how every asset relates to security policies. However, what customers do with that data is up to them. We constantly want to make it easier to get to the data, connect the information to their security workflows, and then use the data to make assets more secure.

    By making queries easier, adding new export methods, and continuing to enhance our own API, we’re always looking to improve the utility of the data Axonius aggregates.

    4. Add More Enforcement Actions

    Visibility into assets and how they relate to policies are valuable. But we often say that visibility without action = work. So we’re constantly looking for ways to help customers automate repetitive work to bring devices and users back into compliance with their security policies.

    Learn More About Axonius 2.8

    That said, we’ve created two videos that outline all that’s new in Axonius 2.8 here:

    Additionally, you can find the full release notes for Axonius 2.8 here. We publish release notes on immediately following every release, and you’ll also find detailed instructions on how to deploy, configure, and get the most out of Axonius.

    And as always, if you’d like to see a custom demo to better understand how Axonius can help your organization solve the asset management challenge, request a demo here.

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