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    Small changes can make a big difference when it comes to ease of use and productivity. 

    That’s why we’re excited to share a few graphic user interface capability modifications that we’re sure will delight our Cybersecurity Asset Management customers.

    The first thing customers may notice is that things look slightly different. This is because we’re providing a more efficient and engaging look and feel to give customers greater functionality and control. The modifications make it easier to manage their asset environments.

    Here’s what has changed!

    Homepage: We’ve updated the homepage in the Axonius console for a cleaner look and feel. But it’s not just about looking pretty. The new design makes it simpler for customers to find and access the important controls that allow them to identify assets and related vulnerabilities, as well as manage their security state. 

    Left Sidebar: The sidebar icons for access to the modules were refreshed. Additionally, the user profile, account settings, and logout function were relocated to the bottom of the bar. By removing the visual distraction there, users view the  data first. 

    Search: The search bar was moved to a more prominent location – along the very top of the page within the Axonius header, so it’s always globally available. Customers can intuitively find and use it more easily, from wherever they have navigated in the solution. Searchability is key to effective asset management, and now customers have a better way to search for and query throughout the solution.

    Freeze Columns: We’ve made viewing data easier with the ability to freeze columns within lists, so users always have a point of reference while scrolling right to the extended data available there. For instance, freeze on the Asset Name column and scroll right to see connected devices, installed software, vulnerability data, or any other custom information you’ve added to your displayed data columns. 

    Although each new capability mentioned here may appear to be modest, together they add up to a more intuitive, effective, and easy-to-use interface for Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management customers. 

    In fact, many of the changes originated as customer suggestions. That’s why we’re especially pleased to implement them. It’s part of our ongoing effort to make continual upgrades, and add visual clarity, that enhances the intuitive nature of the Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management solution, and improves the user experience. 

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