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    Swiss Army Knife or Platypus? Axonius Wins 2020 CISO Choice Award for Governance Risk and Compliance

    When you create a new category in cybersecurity, there are pros and cons. 

    On the con side, very few people wake up saying, “I need to solve my cybersecurity asset management problem today.” 

    On the pro side, it allows us to show that we have a fundamentally new approach to an old, nagging problem that’s only getting worse. 

    In our many conversations with industry analysts, we often hear that Axonius is like an IT asset management solution, but it’s more than that. It’s like continuous controls monitoring, but it does other things too. It’s a lot like security posture management, but that’s not all. 

    In fact, we’ve heard two remarks that I like a lot:

    “Axonius is like a Swiss army knife for cybersecurity. It gives customers an asset inventory. It does continuous controls monitoring for every asset. And it helps with incident response, compliance, and vulnerability management.”

    And, the more colorful and succinct quote:

    “Axonius is like a platypus. It looks like one thing, but once you get into the solution, you realize it has dozens of security and IT use cases. Don’t let the beak fool you into thinking it’s just another bird.”

    Axonius Wins 2020 CISO Choice Award for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC)


    In keeping with our Swiss Army Knife and Platypus status, today we’re excited to announce that Axonius was selected as the winner in the 2020 CISO Choice Awards in another category where our customers find massive value: Governance, Risk, and Compliance. 

    From the judges:

    Cybersecurity Asset Management and Governance, Risk, and Compliance

    When we talk to customers in regulated industries like finance, healthcare, and the public sector, as well as those that adhere to industry frameworks, the same challenges come up:

    1. How can I satisfy compliance requirements around providing a comprehensive, always up-to-date asset inventory?
    2. How can I prove that all of my security controls are in place?
    3. How can I know any time an asset, cloud instance, or user is changed in a way that makes them deviate from my overall security policy
    4. If there’s a specific mandate (for example, NDAA Section 889 for public sector organizations) or an urgent vulnerability like CVE-2020-1472, how do I find anything that must be addressed, and then prove that the requisite remediation action was applied?

    There are two options to answer these questions. 

    Organizations can either spend an average of 89 person-hours of labor 19 times per year to get an asset inventory manually. Or they can use a solution like Axonius to automate the effort and continuously monitor for changes and decide what action to trigger action. 

    Awards and Recognition for Axonius in 2020

    To match our Swiss army knife (or platypus) characterization, this year Axonius was recognized as a:

    Whether the use case is related to security operations and incident response, governance, risk and compliance, IoT device discovery, or cybersecurity asset management, the Axonius value is the same. 

    When customers are able to know exactly what assets, cloud instances, and users they have, they have the foundation they need to know any time anything deviates from their overall security policy. 

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