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    Call for Speakers: Debate Today’s Hottest Cybersecurity Trends

    Let’s face it. Life as a cybersecurity pro today means you’ve got too many things to do, too many tools to implement — and not nearly enough time to do it all. 

    This leaves you feeling overloaded, scrambling to figure out which initiatives are worth your time, where you should put your effort, how to best use your energy — and what’s deserving of your budget.

    So how do you decide?

    Like politicians in a debate, it’s all about preparing a compelling case. You have to evaluate each initiative’s urgency. Then, you’ve got to figure out if it’s a priority and ultimately decide whether it’s worth the effort and money needed to get it right.

    And this, fine readers, is why Axonius is launching The Great Debate.



    The Great Debate is a 10-part webinar series debating the merits and pitfalls of some of the hottest topics in cybersecurity today. 

    Hosted by Axonius CMO Nathan Burke, each webinar will feature two guests, pitted against one another to debate a specific cybersecurity topic. 

    Our speakers will go head-to-head to argue their case on whether or not each topic is a must-do, a nice-to-have, or just straight up hype. The audience will declare the winner by choosing whose case is more persuasive, and both speakers will walk away with $500 to the charity of their choice.

    We’re looking for people who can passionately defend or prosecute of any of these cybersecurity topics:

    • Zero trust
    • Password management
    • Endpoint protection
    • Patch and vulnerability management
    • Cloud security posture management
    • IoT security
    • Threat hunting
    • Security automation
    • Cybersecurity frameworks
    • Security awareness training

    Up for the challenge? Submit your name for consideration as a speaker for The Great Debate.


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