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    Episode 1 – Rotating Identities, Featuring Cedric the Entertainer

    It’s a fair question: does the world really need a limited-time, short form cybersecurity web show?

    Only one way to find out.

    Last week, we launched the first-ever episode of “So, How’s Everybody Holding Up?”, a limited cybersecurity web show that consists of three chapters:

    1. Gather Data: We highlight one cybersecurity story that’s in the news each week.
    2. Ask Questions: We ask a celebrity — someone who has nothing to do with cybersecurity — a question about cybersecurity.
    3. Take Action: We ask an actual cybersecurity expert to give one actionable piece of advice for fellow security professionals.

    On episode one of “So, How’s Everybody Holding Up?”, you’ll hear from special guests Cedric the Entertainer and Axonius CISO, Lenny Zeltser.

    Watch it now:

    Video Thumbnail

    Stay safe. Stay weird. And thank you.

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