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    Episode 3 – Keep Your Life Safe, Featuring Sinbad

    That’s right, folks! We’re back at it again with the third installment of “So, How’s Everybody Holding Up?” — the first-ever, limited-time, cybersecurity vendor web show.

    Every Friday, host Nathan Burke, CMO at Axonius, takes you through three segments:

    • Gather Data: We highlight one cybersecurity story that’s in the news each week.
    • Ask Questions: We ask a celebrity — someone who has nothing to do with cybersecurity — a question about cybersecurity.
    • Take Action: We ask an actual cybersecurity expert to give one actionable piece of advice for fellow security professionals.

    On last week’s episode, Nathan was joined by actor and singer, Barry Williams, (yup, “Greg” from The Brady Bunch) and Axonius CISO, Lenny Zeltser.

    This week, we’re joined by celebrity guest, Sinbad.

    And, spoiler alert!

    Sinbad’s cybersecurity wisdom feels especially relevant following the confirmed ransomware attack on law firm Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks, whose star-studded client list includes the likes of Lady Gaga, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, and more.

    You’ll also learn some simple cybersecurity tips that you can apply right now from expert, Lenny Zeltser.

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    Axonius Web Show #3


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