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    Episode 6 – Protect Ya Neck with RZA - Finale & New Series Trailer

    It’s a wrap on the world’s first and only limited-run, celebrity cameo cybersecurity web series —  and the finale is pretty incredible. Watch the final episode below, then check out the trailer for the new series we’re about to kick off. 

    If you’re new to “So, How’s Everybody Holding Up?”, each episode features three segments:

    1. Gather Data - Covering the top cybersecurity news story of the week
    2. Ask Questions - Where a celebrity shares a cybersecurity story, tip, or even a song
    3. Take Action - Advice and tips from an actual cybersecurity expert

    This series was a blast, and I had the pleasure to talk with Cedric the Entertainer, Barry Williams, Sinbad, Penn Jillette, Lisa Loeb, our own Lenny Zeltser, and now, our final guest.

    This week’s guest is an actor, author, producer, rapper, and has scored movies like Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2. His personal cybersecurity story is a perfect lead-in to this week’s actionable tip from Axonius CISO Lenny Zeltser.


    This started as an idea to produce a light, funny video series during lockdown. But it grew into something that was sometimes touching, often ridiculous, and always included stories highlighting the importance of what you — the cybersecurity professionals — do everyday. (And I hope it provided a much-needed laugh or two — even if you only laughed at the bloopers.)

    This is the end of “So How’s Everybody Holding Up?”, but we’re already working on a new series. Take a look at the trailer below to see what’s coming soon. 

    We’re looking for guests for “The Great Debate”, a 10-part series debating the hottest topics in cybersecurity today. 

    If you’re passionate for or against topics like zero trust, password management, threat hunting, and any of our other themes, please let us know here. Every guest will get a donation to a charity of their choice. 



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