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    How Customers Are Dispelling Asset Inventory & Management Woes With Axonius

    Every IT security professional will tell you that understanding and managing what’s in your environment is key to protecting your organization from evolving cybersecurity threats and compliance issues.

    However, traditional approaches to comprehensive IT asset inventories are overwhelmingly complicated. On average, IT asset inventories require 89 person-hours of labor and demand the involvement of multiple teams.

    Plus, the growing IT complexity — which is being driven by cloud adoption, proliferation of IoT devices, and BYOD explosion — keeps adding to the asset inventory and management woes.

    But what if I told you that asset inventories can be easy and accurate? What if you had the ability to easily — and quickly — automate asset discovery to ensure continuous control?

    Cybersecurity asset management platforms can do just that – and more. These platforms equip your security teams with unrivaled visibility into your assets, helping them discover coverage gaps, and automatically addressing assets that don’t adhere to your security policies.

    You’ll feel confident in your asset inventory, knowing that it will always reflect your current environment. 

    But don’t just take my word for it. See what our customers are saying!

    In our latest ebook, "In Their Own Words: What Security and IT Teams Achieve With Automated Asset Management” five of our customers highlight why they chose Axonius to solve their cybersecurity asset management challenges and share the benefits they have reaped.

    The ebook outlines how the Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management platform has helped:

    • AppsFlyer identify devices that didn’t adhere to the company’s security policies, and provided enriched vulnerability data for all devices 
    • Cimpress increase EDR deployment coverage to 80 percent, and reduce person hours needed to investigate incidents 
    • Mindbody enhance visibility into its environment — despite disparate systems and teams — and achieve a cybersecurity maturity rating of above four  
    • A Fortune 500 energy management company accelerate its incident response investigations from three to five days to three to four hours 
    • Landmark Health boost its cybersecurity confidence, automate daily audits, and put compliance on autopilot

    In Their Own Words: What Our Customers Say

    With more than 85 percent of organizations planning to increase their investment in asset management for cybersecurity, here’s an overview of how our customers are leveraging the Axonius platform to master the art of asset management:

    AppsFlyer, a marketing attribution solutions provider, chose Axonius to get clear visibility into the deployment of different security solutions, and automate ongoing security policy adherence. Once integrated, AppsFlyer was able to quickly and easily identify which devices didn’t adhere to company policies. 

    Guy Flechter, former CISO at AppsFlyer, said: “The Axonius solution was dead simple to deploy.” 

    Cimpress, a multinational company operating 11 distinct businesses, chose Axonius to automate asset management. The platform enabled them to collect data from disparate sources – across the enterprise – and correlate that into one inventory. It also helped identify gaps in endpoint detection and response coverage.

    Daniel Fabbo, Manager of Security Engineering at Cimpress said: “Axonius has been able to give us insight where we didn’t have it in the past.”

    Mindbody, the leading experience technology platform for the wellness industry, chose Axonius to obtain centralized visibility into what’s in their environment, reduce blind spots, and drive response capabilities. The enhanced visibility it gained helped expand its incident response capabilities and also helped boost its cybersecurity maturity rating.

    Jason Loomis, CISO at Mindbody, said: “Axonius… solved our cybersecurity inventory problem for us.”

    One global energy management company was faced with a device fragmentation and discovery problem, made even more complex by the sheer size and breadth of the organization. By choosing Axonius, this manufacturing organization was able to drastically reduce asset discovery time — even when it came to finding ephemeral devices — and accelerate incident investigation and response.

    The Director of Enterprise IT Global Security at this global energy manufacturing company said: “Axonius has become a pretty critical piece of our whole ecosystem.” 

    For in-home medical care provider Landmark Health, manually validating that solutions are deployed appropriately for compliance and software license management was becoming a growing headache. By using Axonius to automate policy validation, Landmark Health can now ensure each device meets compliance requirements and has eliminated time-consuming, manual audits. 

    Jeffrey Gardner, former Director of Information Security, Landmark Health said: “There has never been a tool that does what Axonius does.” 

    Want to learn more about how these companies are effectively solving their cybersecurity asset management challenges and strengthening their cybersecurity posture with Axonius? Download “In Their Own Words: What Security and IT Teams Achieve With Automated Asset Management” now.

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