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    How Landmark Health Solved Cybersecurity Compliance Challenges

    Traditional approaches to compiling asset inventory data for security audits are exceptionally manual, often relegated to Excel workbooks and v-lookups. It’s an essential process that, unfortunately, is typically labor intensive and error-prone.

    And at Landmark Health, it’s a process that was eating up hours of the security team’s time —  leaving them with asset inventories that were out-of-date at best. 

    “I didn’t realize there was a solution to the problem, so we never tried to solve it,” explained Landmark Health’s former Senior Director of Information Security, Jeffrey Gardner. “Asset management, policy validation, and cyber hygiene are so inconvenient and manual, but so essential.”

    The security team at Landmark Health was manually validating that solutions were appropriately deployed for compliance and software license management. With Axonius, however, all of that changed for the risk-based care provider. The Landmark team shifted from once-quarterly audits to daily audits, affording the security teams’ confidence and putting their compliance on autopilot.

    "The time saved on the manual audit itself is valuable, and I can conservatively say that we’re 70 percent better off than we were before now that we have Axonius,” Gardner said.

    By using the Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management platform to automate policy validation, Landmark Health can now ensure each device meets compliance requirements. The company has also increased its security posture.

    “There has never been a tool that does what Axonius does,” Garner said. “I’d recommend Axonius to any company… There’s just no downside.”

    Want to learn more about Landmark Health’s experience using Axonius? Read the full case study.

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