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    How Wacom Achieved Full Cybersecurity Asset Visibility with Axonius

    A cybersecurity team’s asset inventory can suffer if their management tools don’t provide full visibility into their assets. When there are gaps in data and manual processes are the only way to find the cause, operational abilities are limited. 

    This was the case for the team at Wacom, the leading global manufacturer of pen tablets for creative users. With an aging scanning tool, the team knew change was needed if they wanted to obtain an accurate asset inventory as they grew.

    How Separate Tools Held Wacom Back

    The Wacom security team was constantly trying to improve their processes to achieve more visibility into their assets. Without cybersecurity asset visibility, they ran into:

    • Significant asset inventory gaps
    • Inaccurate data, especially in off-network devices
    • Incomplete knowledge of data
    • Slow manual workflows

    Manually going through siloed data assets takes time and resources that could be better used solving problems. The question is, how do you achieve greater cybersecurity asset visibility?

    A key challenge holding back the cybersecurity efforts for the Wacom team was the inability to integrate all of their core systems with their current tool. This resulted in asset inventory gaps and inaccurate reporting.

    What Better Reporting Looked Like

    To gain visibility into your assets, you need one platform where all your core systems are integrated.

    Wacom’s cybersecurity and incident response director, Mark Priess, began researching cybersecurity tools with the capacity to enhance visibility, create a more comprehensive asset inventory, and scale alongside the company. 

    Integrating their core systems onto one platform would provide a hub where all their data could live. By utilizing a system integration software, Wacom would be able to: 

    • Achieve full asset visibility
    • Identify any data gaps in their systems
    • Scan their systems for security risks

    With full cybersecurity asset visibility, they'd get to look at a full map of their IT environment, allowing them to identify security coverage gaps and pull in necessary data and information to fill in those gaps. 

    When Priess looked into Axonius, he found it was the only tool on the market able to tie into all of Wacom’s core systems. With customizable features, Priess was confident in the Axonius platform’s ability to help Wacom achieve its goals.

    How Wacom Achieved Results

    Axonius integrates into all of your core systems and becomes the sole platform for asset management visibility. As it compiles data across the entire IT environment, it uses your network to ensure there are no lingering blind spots. A comprehensive asset inventory provides rich, immediate, and searchable context for incident response teams on one central platform.

    This positioning is key for Priess, who says data visibility is the centerpoint of cybersecurity protection. “The whole point is to protect data from loss or alteration. The best way to start along that path is to ensure you know where it all is. That starts with asset management.”

    Check out the full case study here for a look at how the team at Wacom leveraged the Axonius platform and the results they achieved.


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