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    “First, you want to start at a full sprint, then increase your speed incrementally.”


    Today we announced that Axonius has launched a new business unit focused on creating growth through innovation. AxoniusX will explore new market opportunities and will build and bring to market solutions that deliver new value for customers and fuel our expansion. In this post, we’ll explain what it all means.

    The Challenge: Maintain Momentum While Building for the Future

    In their breakthrough book “Finding Your Company’s Second Act,” Larry Downes and Paul Nunes explore the theory that the speed of technology adoption is no longer a predictable bell curve, but instead a shark fin:


    Because of this, even the most successful innovators can flame out if they devote all of their resources to a single product. The market is moving fast, and customers are ready for the next innovation - even if they love your product. 

    Our customers' challenges never stop growing, so we can't let off the gas on continuing to expand our solution. Or in video form:

    (Don’t be the guy in the hat.)

    The Second Act for Axonius

    Successful companies that have one great product don’t stop there. They see their initial success as an opportunity to apply what pain they’ve solved with one product to a larger market, different use cases, and other unsolved problems. And that’s exactly what we’re doing with AxoniusX.

    The customer base for our cybersecurity asset management product is expanding rapidly, and we want our core engineering team to remain solely focused on supporting our customers, innovating and adding new features, and earning the customer accolades and amazing testimonials that have got us this far. 

    That’s why we’ve launched a new business unit focused on research and product development to build for scale, letting us effectively bring new products to market while simultaneously meeting the global demand for cybersecurity asset management. 

    Introducing AxoniusX

    To lead the new business unit, we’ve brought in an impressive executive team of heavy-hitting industry veterans with extensive experience building and scaling technology solutions and successful companies. The AxoniusX executive team includes CEO Amir Ofek, previously CEO of Alcide (acquired by Rapid7) and CEO of Cyberint; Chief Technology Officer Roee Salomon, formerly head of SaaS at Alcide, R&D group manager at HARMAN Automotive Cybersecurity, and co-founder and vice president of R&D at; and Vice President of Product Chen Pipek, formerly Head of Product at Toka, and vice president of product at Signals Analytics. 

    The AxoniusX team is hiring now, and I’ll leave it to Amir to take it from here:

    I am excited to join the Axonius team and to establish AxoniusX. At the core of Axonius technology is the ability to bring in data from multiple sources, correlate, de-duplicate, and find meaning in the data. The platform provides incredible value for security teams, and we see a massive opportunity in extending this core value for many other use cases adjacent and complementary to cybersecurity. I’m thrilled to lead such a talented team, and we are excited to explore new opportunities to solve business challenges for our expanding customer base.


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