Back to Blog June 19, 2020

    Living Up to Our Values

    Note: this post was republished from an internal Axonius company-wide email.

    Every year in the Jewish tradition we celebrate Passover, the story of our enslavement as a people and exodus into freedom.

    We end the holiday tradition with saying “thanks to god for taking us out of Egypt” – which I always felt meant something more, which is “Always remember to be grateful for being free”. 

    Freedom is the most basic human right. Freedom from harm. Freedom from discrimination. Freedom from inequality. Freedom from injustice.

    Today is Juneteenth, the holiday celebrating the liberation from enslavement of our black fellow brothers and sisters, in the country that I’m humbled to today call home, which has always been the beacon of light for freedom in the world.

    Freedom has a price, that all of us need to pay, for ourselves and for those who are yet not free.

    We at Axonius believe that the best business, the best employer, and the way we all want to live our lives is in the pursuit of freedom, inclusion, and equality. We are constantly investing to live up to these efforts, one example is our cooperation with Steph and Ayesha Curry’s organization,, but this is an endless pursuit that will never be done.

    We’ve decided to partner with the  International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals to sponsor scholarships for education to enter the cybersecurity market and volunteer time and mentorship as another small step in our pursuit of living up to our values. 

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