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    Recapping RSAC 2022: Video Interviews with Cybersecurity Experts

    At RSAC 2022 in June, the Axonius booth included a live podcast studio where Chris Cochran and Ron Eddings, creative directors and Hacker Valley Studio co-hosts, live streamed interviews with some of the most interesting people in the cybersecurity community, as well as Simone Biles and Amy Bream. You can watch all episodes here on Axonius+, or see a selection of them below.

    Jen Easterly, CISA Director

    Jen Easterly (@CISAJen) is director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) . Unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate in July 2021, Jen leads CISA’s efforts to understand, manage, and reduce risk to America’s cyber and physical infrastructure. Jen has a long tradition of public service, including two tours at the White House and most recently as Special Assistant to President Obama and Senior Director for Counterterrorism. She also served as Executive Assistant to National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice in the George W. Bush Administration. A former member of the Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service, she also served as the Deputy for Counterterrorism at the National Security Agency. 

    A two-time recipient of the Bronze Star, Jen retired from the U.S. Army after more than 20 years of service in intelligence and cyber operations, including tours of duty in Haiti, the Balkans, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Responsible for standing up the Army’s first cyber battalion, she was also instrumental in the design and creation of United States Cyber Command. 


    Highlighted Quotes

    "Critical infrastructure is what Americans rely on every hour of every day — to get groceries, gas, food. These are the systems that underpin our lives. So we're working with all of the sectors." — @CISAJen @CISAgov
    "You can have great tech, and great processes, but if you don't have great people, then eventually you are going to fail." — @CISAJen @CISAgov

    Dave Bittner, Producer and Host of The CyberWire Podcast

    Dave Bittner is the producer and host of The CyberWire Podcast, the top-ranking daily cybersecurity podcast in the world, according to iTunes. 

    With over 20 years of experience in digital media, video and television production, and interactive technology, David has developed award-winning interactive training programs for a variety of industries, and produced countless corporate, industrial, and broadcast programs as co-owner of Pixel Workshop. 

    Highlighted Quotes

    "It makes me feel good to amplify and elevate the voices of other people. I try to stay humble and make sure we're doing it for all the right reasons." — @bittner
    "Communication is a skill, it's a craft. The more you do, the better you get at it. The more people you talk to, you can't help but become more empathetic." — @bittner

    Roland Cloutier, Global CSO at TikTok

    Roland Cloutier is a global executive, security, risk, and privacy leader, strategic security visionary, author, and board member. Focused on critical infrastructure cyber and kinetic defensive operations, Roland has expertise in the management of strategic converged security programs and services, and the development of global business operations protection programs.

    Highlighted Quotes

    "Know your risks. Know your mission areas. Find the right people."@CSORoland
    "People in your organization and your customers, they like to know the why. Security is sexy, but people don't understand it." @CSORoland

    Guest Compilation

    Rather than embedding a dozen videos here, you can watch all episodes of Hacker Valley on the Road: RSA 2022. But here’s a short compilation to convince you it’s worth binging!

    Highlighted Quotes

    "I really love that a lot of cybersecurity marketers are pushing that envelope and not being afraid to step outside of the box and show their creativity." @douich_maria
    "People don't remember what you say to them, they remember how you make them feel." @gwhitv
    "If you're on the path and you can trust the process and make the right decisions, you'll arrive. It's inevitable." Rafael Nunez
    "Cybersecurity is a central threat of our time with clear potential damages." @JoeUchill
    "We are just talking about cloud security and things to look out for but that is good enough to help other people." @hashishrajan

    Chris and Ron Compilation

    Finally, here’s a compilation from our hosts, Ron Eddings and Chris Cochran.

    Highlighted Quotes

    "My favorite thing at RSA is the Innovation Sandbox. It was a part of our story." @nathanwburke
    On storytelling in cyber marketing: "How do I psychologically connect with the product and what does it make me feel? Then I look at the technical aspects." @charles_nwatu
    "When you look at an organization, it's always people, processes, and THEN technology." @ronaldeddings
    "Mastery is a path, not a destination." @chrishvm

    What’s Next?

    Soon we’ll be releasing the interview with Simone Biles and Amy Bream during RSAC 2022, as well as the live interviews from Black Hat 2022!

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