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    Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Relies on Today’s Asset Management

    Unless you consider yourself skilled in the art of divination, predicting the future is impossible (especially these days, amiright?).

    But if we want to prepare ourselves for the cybersecurity challenges on the horizon, we have to understand the foundational role asset management plays in cybersecurity. And not just how it’s handled now (though that’s certainly essential) — but how the past got us to this point in the first place.

    The Evolution Of Asset Management

    Before we had cloud instances, containers, and internet-connected refrigerators to secure, we had laptops, desktops, and servers. 

    Back then, it was pretty painless to get an asset inventory. IT environments consisted of Windows machines in Active Directory. They had some kind of agent that pushed out updates. They had an AV agent installed. 

    (Ahh, simpler times.)

    But things advance. Technology changes. And ultimately, inevitable trends made that homogenous environment of yore go extinct. 

    The evolution to today’s complex, fragmented environment ultimately created distinct challenges around three distinct areas: 

    • Device management
    • Cloud asset management
    • IoT devices

    “Back to the Cyber Future”, a new series of three ebooks by Axonius, delves into each of these topics. It covers how the past has driven today’s device management, cloud asset management, and IoT device obstacles. It also covers the distinct challenge each area has created for cybersecurity today, and outlines what today’s experiences teach us about the future.

    Take a trip through time to uncover how analyzing the past dictates how we approach cybersecurity challenges today and in the future. Download the 3-part ebook bundle, Back to the Cyber Future now.

    Back to the Cyber Future Ebook Bundle

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