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    Back to Blog August 26, 2021

    Welcoming Hacker Valley Studio Hosts Chris Cochran and Ron Eddings to Axonius

    Today we announced that Chris Cochran and Ron Eddings — highly experienced security professionals and the producers and hosts of the popular and Webby Award finalist Hacker Valley Studio podcast, have joined Axonius as Creative Directors. 

    Did Axonius Acquire a Podcast?

    Not exactly. Ron and Chris will continue Hacker Valley Studio as an independent venture and retain editorial control of its shows. Joining Axonius will provide them the freedom to continue producing and hosting Hacker Valley Studio while building new, fresh content to inspire and help security professionals navigate constant change, complexity, and challenges in the industry.

    Combining Security Chops With the Human Element

    After working with Chris and Ron when they interviewed Axonius CISO Lenny Zeltser and later in a joint webinar with SecurityWeek, we realized they have a rare combination of talents: hands-on security expertise in top companies and government agencies, coupled with creative, human storytelling skills. We knew we wanted to work together. 

    Listen to the Story  

    When two podcast hosts join a cybersecurity company, you announce the news in a podcast episode. Here’s Axonius CEO and Co-founder Dean Sysman on today’s episode of the Hacker Valley Studio podcast, “Living Your Values With Dean Sysman”:

    About Ron Eddings and Chris Cochran

    Chris Cochran is a former active duty U.S. Marine Network Intelligence Sergeant with extensive experience building and leading cybersecurity missions at Netflix, Mandiant, and the National Security Agency (NSA). He joins Axonius as Creative Director, Media. 

    When asked why he’s joining Axonius and what he hopes to accomplish, Chris said:

    “This is honestly the role I feel like I have been preparing for my whole life. I have always  felt like a creative trapped in the body of a technologist and now I can embrace both sides equally. Ron and I want to make impactful content for our community and this opportunity allows us to put everything we have into it. We want to do something that has never been done before.”

    Ron Eddings has more than a decade of security architecture and operations experience, including work at Intel, McAfee, Palo Alto Networks, Booz Allen Hamilton, and the NSA. He joins Axonius as Creative Director, Education. 

    We asked Ron about his goals and why he joined Axonius:

    “My two passions have always been learning and teaching. Joining Axonius as a Creative Director supports my passion and our mission of exploring the intersection between humanity and technology and will allow us to create content that helps practitioners innovate. Our goal is to promote awareness and give cybersecurity a voice it can be proud of.” 

    To accompany the announcement, podcast episode, and blog post, Chris Cochran and Ron Eddings will be hosted a live chat on LinkedIn. You can find the recording here:


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