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    A Look Back at 2019: Axonius by the Numbers

    As we look back at 2019 at Axonius, it simultaneously feels like January was a lifetime ago and 30 seconds ago. The company we are today is unrecognizable from where we were at the beginning of the year, and rather than going by feeling, we decided to look at the irrefutable numbers to quantify the year.


    We added 45 new employees in the U.S., Israel, and Bulgaria, bringing our employee count to 57 at the end of 2019.That includes:

    • 9 U.S. states
    • 4 time zones
    • A 3:5 dog to human ratio on the Axonius Marketing team
    • Over 10,000 square feet added to our U.S. headquarters to make room for everyone
    • 145+ Peloton classes taken


    We’re building Axonius for the long haul, and demonstrated our commitment to growth with 2 funding rounds in 2019:

    • A total of $33 million in two rounds
    • A $13 million A round in February, welcoming new investor Bessemer Venture Partners 
    • A $20 million B round in August, welcoming new investor OpenView Venture Partners


    In 2019, we made significant progress with the Axonius product, with:


    Though we wish we could share the full list of all of our amazing and impressive customers, we are a cybersecurity company after all. Some customers must remain anonymous, but we can say that Axonius:

    • Covers over 6 million devices and cloud instances covered at customers around the globe
    • Counts customers in nearly every vertical, including both massive multinationals as well as companies with a few hundred employees
    • Has helped customers like New York Times, Schneider Electric, ThermoFisher, Landmark Health, AppsFlyer, and many more
    • Gave out over 2,000 branded swag items


    We published a lot of content in 2019, including:

    This led to:

    • More than 2,500 new followers on our social channels
    • More than 1,500 webinar signups
    • More than 200 press mentions, with coverage topping 7,000+ social shares and 240,000,000 impressions


    We were honored to win several awards in 2019, including:

    Everything Else

    And that just scratches the surface, leaving out things like:

    We’re just getting started, but it’s nice to put the year into perspective. Thanks for making 2019 a year we’ll never forget. 

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