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    • Axonius continues to lead the cybersecurity asset management and SaaS security markets, as demonstrated by recent coverage from analyst firms like Gartner, Forrester, and KuppingerCole.
    • Summaries of the various analyst reports in which Axonius has been featured.

    Over the past 12 months, Axonius has added dozens of features to our cybersecurity asset management and SaaS security management products. Included in these releases are major enhancements and additions, such as our vulnerability management module, software management module, and asset graph capability. Axonius customers now have a consolidated system of record for all assets, regardless of asset type, location (on-prem, SaaS, cloud, virtual, etc.), or operational state.

    We at Axonius are so grateful — and proud — that buyers are deploying and using our platform. It may be cheesy, but there is no better feeling than that which accompanies hearing a customer say how much their asset management process and program have improved because of Axonius. Delighting our customers is our #1 goal. But, as a company in a nascent category with exponentially more potential, we need as much help as we can get in evangelizing the power of cyber asset management and, specifically, our platform’s efficacy.

    Research Analysts and Influence

    Analyst firms like Gartner, Forrester, and KuppingerCole exist to dig into market dynamics, trends, and vendors’ product offerings. Based on hundreds of calls, presentations, and interactions, analysts form their opinions of markets which they share back to the market. In the cybersecurity space, where vendor competition is fierce, analysts’ opinions carry a lot of weight when it comes to buying decisions. It is therefore beneficial for vendor firms to form close relationships with and learn from various analysts and incorporate their feedback into product roadmaps and company strategies. 


    At Axonius, analyst relations is a big part of our go-to-market strategy. Our team has shared our story and successes with relevant analysts, and as a result, has been included in a number of analyst publications. 


    Leadership Compass: Attack Surface Management — September 2023

    Based on a series of meetings with Osman Celik, KuppingerCole published its attack surface management report, highlighting Axonius as a “Leader” in all categories.


    Emerging Tech: Security — Venture Capital Growth Insights for Cyber-Physical System Security — June 2023

    This report by Ruggero Contu focuses on cybersecurity investments for cyber-physical systems. In it, Axonius is mentioned as a representative vendor that can help companies gain better visibility into their OT/IoT environments.

    Hype Cycle for Workload and Network Security, 2023 — July 2023

    It’s no surprise that the Hype Cycle for Workload and Network Security, 2023 includes both CAASM and SSPM in the “innovation trigger” stage. Axonius is listed as a representative vendor for both categories, which is especially appropriate given the unification of our CAM and SaaS management tools into one platform this fall.

    Hype Cycle for Cyber Risk Management, 2023 — July 2023

    The Gartner Hype Cycle for Cyber Risk Management, 2023 includes cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) in the “innovation trigger” category, and lists CAASM as an emerging market. As a cybersecurity asset management (CAM) platform, Axonius helps companies reach their CAASM goals.

    Hype Cycle for Application Security, 2023 — July 2023

    In this Hype Cycle for Application Security, 2023, Gartner includes SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) as an “innovation trigger” and lists Axonius as one of the representative vendors.

    Hype Cycle for Security Operations, 2023 — July 2023

    As with the Cyber Risk Management report, the Hype Cycle for Security Operations, 2023 includes Axonius as a sample vendor in the CAASM category, which is rated as an “innovation trigger” for SecOps.

    Emerging Tech: Security — Successfully Bringing CAASM to Market — July 2023

    This report by Elizabeth Kim talks about the power and potential of cyber asset attack surface management. The analyst provides many helpful details for would-be buyers, and lists Axonius as a sample vendor.


    Tame The Asset Management Beast — February 2023

    This comprehensive report by a team of Forrester analysts explains how end user organizations can reduce complexity in the asset environment by learning about the different categories of assets and asset management tools. Axonius is listed in the “managed object” category as an example of a vendor that can help companies “directly configure, provision, monitor, and control various digital resources.”

    The SaaS Security Posture Management Landscape, Q2 2023 — May 2023

    This landscape report by Andras Cser is an overview of 21 SSPM vendors, of which Axonius is included. Axonius is listed as having selected the extended use case of “comply with business regulations” as top reason for why clients work with them. 

    The Vulnerability Risk Management Landscape, Q2 2023 — May 2023

    This vulnerability risk management (VRM) report written by analyst Erik Nost helps security and risk professionals understand the vendors that can help them reduce the ever-expanding cyber asset attack surface. Axonius is listed as a vendor that can help businesses with their core VRM use cases.

    Planning Guide 2024: Security And Risk — August 2023

    This extensive security and risk planning guide by the Forrester security and risk analyst team offers up practical guidance on managing cyber risks while being mindful of budget. CAASM is listed as a way for businesses to rein in the expanding attack surface, and Axonius is listed as one of two examples of vendors who are providing CAASM.

    Cloud Workload Security Landscape — September 2023

    This cloud workload security (CWS) report by Andras Cser explains how various CWS vendors can help businesses “gain visibility into, manage, and reduce the cloud infrastructure threat surface; ensure the integrity of the cloud infrastructure build-out  process; and protect cloud infrastructure data.” Axonius is listed as a notable vendor, and selected the extended use cases of agentless cloud workload protection, cloud security posture management, and data security posture management as top reasons why clients work with them.

    The Forrester Wave: SaaS Security Posture Management, Q4 2023 - December 2023

    A mention in a Forrester Wave is a big deal for any vendor company, especially companies in a nascent market in which vendors of all shapes and sizes are vying for air time. In this SSPM Wave, Axonius is a “strong performer” with the highest scores possible in the “user management,” “SaaS application catalog,” “connected apps,” “license management,” and ”scale” criteria.


    On the Radar: Axonius offers cyber asset attack and SaaS management with a common data model

    This piece by analyst Rik Turner offers an objective assessment of the Axonius CAM and SaaS management products before they were merged into a unified platform. The assessment explains why Turner believes end users should consider Axonius as a source for “managing an entire attack surface.”

    While third-party recognition is often useful, we know that many IT and security practitioners are more of the, “What can you do for me” type. To learn more about the Axonius platform and see how we can help reduce your overall attack surface by providing comprehensive visibility into your entire asset estate, detailed context for each asset, and enforcement action to allow for risk mitigation, request a demo or free trial or visit us at an upcoming event.


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